Nearby: Glen Cove Hospital, Mall Vote

News of interest from neighboring Long Island communities.

A rally to save Glen Cove Hospital. (Photo credit: Adina Genn)
A rally to save Glen Cove Hospital. (Photo credit: Adina Genn)

Rally in Glen Cove

Residents in and around Glen Cove are letting North Shore-LIJ Heath System officials know they want services maintained at Glen Cove Hospital. On Monday, nearly 200 people attended peaceful rally outside the hospital to let their voices be heard. Mildred and Frank Feinberg, who donated millions to the Glen Cove Hospitals Mildred and Frank Feinberg Campus, where there to show their support to the community. 

There is Change.org petition urging North Shore-LIJ Health System to "postpone and reconsider their plans to transform" the hospital into an ambulatory-only facility. Hard copies of petitions are available at businesses in and around Glen Cove. A hospital spokesman says NS-LIJ is sensitive to the community's needs and had a "very fruitful discussion" with Glen Cove Mayor Ralph Suozzi and other leaders on Tuesday. Still, it needs to respond to the way healthcare is delivered. "The New York metro area is littered with remnants of hospitals that failed to adapt," the hospital spokesman said. "We're trying to be proactive and meet the future needs of the community."

School Superintendent Salaries

Patch reported on school superintendent salaries in the region. The New York State Education Department recently made available the pay for most of the superintendents in the state. The highest 10 wages in Nassau County all eclipse $350,000, with one nearly surpassing $550,000. Read more

Upcoming Mall Vote

Residents in the Town of Oyster Bay are gearing up for a vote to okay or decline the idea of a mall in Syosset. Some in the area are doing a bit of old fashioned campaigning.

Visible throughout the town are signs asking for a "yes" vote on Tuesday, Aug. 20, that would bring down the plans to build the shopping center on Robbins Lane.

Huntington Takes on Illegal Apartments

In the ongoing fight against illegal apartments, the Town of Huntington is proposing a change that would give possible code violators less time to hide evidence.

The proposed amendment would strike the requirement that the Town provide written notice to the homeowner when seeking an administrative search warrant. "Public safety has had too many instances when a property owner, upon receiving written notice, gets the tenants out, takes out the illegal stove, removes doors and then calls for an inspection," Town Attorney Cindy Mangano said Tuesday. "As soon the inspection is completed, the illegal apartment is back in. And we know that because the neighbor's call back soon after and tell us the apartment's back in."

A Dix Hill resident, however, spoke against the amendment at a public hearing and said it could be used to encroach on her constitutional rights to private property.

Legal Help for Sandy Victims

Thousands of home and business owners throughout the tri-state area hit hard during Hurricane Sandy are seeking legal help with issues ranging from disputes with contractors and insurance companies to questions about who was responsible for removing fallen trees. Since the October storm a variety of mobile legal clinics have sprung up to assist them.

Residents are in the process primarily of challenging flood insurance settlement offers that they claim fail to properly cover storm damages, including a Long Beach couple who went to court demanding $3,114 for damages to their boiler, sewer line and garage when their insurance company offered just $273, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Among the groups providing legal assistance to Sandy-survivors is the Disaster Relief Center, a full-time law clinic based at the Touro Law Center in Central Islip, which has serviced as many as 275 clients since January and talked with some 1,400 people who called their hotline that was established soon after the storm.


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