Nissequogue Mansion in Shambles [Empty in Smithtown]

Modern mansion lies empty, overgrown in one of Long Island's most upscale areas.

Drive on Long Beach Road and one Nissequogue estate is not like the other, that is, if you can find it. 

The estate at 523 Long Beach Road, between Stillwater Road and Short Path, is completely abandoned, a rare sight in an area where massive estates line the bluffs and tax bills can approach six figures. According to the home's listing in Blockshopper, the circa-1971 estate is not listed for sale, though it has been sitting in shambles, with tall grass breaking through the concrete, deadbolts rusting on the front door and light casings shattered.

According to tax information listed on the Town of Smithtown's website, the estate is owned by Eugene Culbreath, and property taxes are $32,000 a year on the estate.

Zillow.com estimates the home's value at $1.5 million.

While this estate is not on the market, homes for sale in the tony village continue to pop up. The Multiple Listing Service of Long Island lists 31 properties for sale in Nisssequoge, including a brand-new villa that just hit the market for $9 million. But a drive thorugh the area shows a host of signs for private sales.

See our gallery of the estate and stay tuned for updates on this property.

Diego Fytrosov October 06, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Was the house ever used as a brothel? A friend told me that he thought that address was given out by some girls who posted on Backpage.
Daisy October 20, 2012 at 02:26 PM
The owner is in prison for mortgage fraud.
John Grisanzio October 17, 2013 at 08:27 PM
I would be willing to help out the people around there should clean up the property it is terrible what happened to that nice house the front door is opened and the back door and the house needs to be secured and cleaned up and watched who knows who is living in that house i would think neighbors would want to do something about that house not to mention people have already started to vandelize the inside of that nice house i looked at the house and it is a shame i would love to buy it and restore the house.
John Grisanzio October 29, 2013 at 10:54 AM
SUBJECT 523 LONG BEACH ROAD/NISSAOQUOUGE,N.Y.11780. I found out today that CHASE BANK owns the property and they want about two million dollars for the property and the prior owner went to jail, well lets see if chase will get the right offer so that the house can be restored and brought back to its former glory i heard that someone is very serious about buying the house and might have already purchased the property.The person that is working on buying the house installed camera,s near the property so they can catch anybody trying to do damage to the property thats what i heard.


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