Plainview College Student Majoring in Laughter

18-year-old Josh Seiden discusses his comedic career

Typically, your average 18-year-old has just completed their first year at college. Maybe they've held down a summer job at a local establishment for some extra cash. Normally, 18-year-olds are simply enjoying their last few years of being a teenager.

Plainview native Josh Seiden, however, is not your average 18-year-old.

Seiden, a graduate from , studies marketing at Bentley University and has called Plainview home for his entire life. While he also majors in media studies, Seiden has been utilizing his sense of humor to help break out on the stand-up comedy scene. Seiden first performed as a juggler, balloon artist, and unicyclist at kids parties but has since taken his talents to the stage as a stand-up comedian. Patch recently spoke with Josh about his career and roots in Plainview.

Q: How did you get started in comedy?

A: First, I started out as a juggler, balloon artist and unicyclist at kids parties and then at college, I took that and took it and made it into a more mature comedic act. Now, I’m doing strictly stand-up.

Q: What influenced your decision to begin working as a comedian?

A: As a kid, I was a little bit of a clown. The inner comedian needed to be let out, though. I kept a notebook of things that I thought that was funny and things that I’ve observed. I’ve always wanted to performed. They say laughter is the best medicine…although that’s silly because I’m sure medicine is the best medicine. Making people laugh is pretty cool. Comedians like Zach Galifianakis and the classic Adam Sandler influenced my comedy.

Q: Growing up in Plainview, what’s the best part about being a resident here?

A: Being so close to friends and being connected with people from neighboring towns like Syosset and Woodbury is awesome. It’s always great to connect and being around people you enjoy. I had a great high school experience at Plainview JFK High School. The teachers and classmates that I interacted with were great. I actually had the opportunity through a business program at the high school to put together a fundraiser to raise money for any charity of my choice. I put together a stand-up comedy show with two of my best friends and we brought in professional comedians. Some of my comedic career began there.

Q: What has been the biggest highlight of your comedic career thus far?

A: So far, opening up for Bo Burnham was really cool for me because he’s sort of an idol to me. I look up to his humor. The last few shows that I did at Governor’s Comedy Club were really awesome. I had friends and family come watch me there. I’m continuing to write jokes and test them out on my family. I really like to make them laugh, also.




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