Plainview Hit With Nearly 11 Inches of Snow

Local figure is pretty typical of the region as a whole.

The view from the front door, by Erica Di Gregorio
The view from the front door, by Erica Di Gregorio
The National Weather Service reported this morning that Plainview was hit with 10.7 inches of snow from Tuesday's storm.

The snowfall total was near the top recorded figure for Long Island. The top spot belonged to Oceanside, with 13 inches recorded. Generally speaking, New Jersey and Suffolk County fared worse. Manhattan's Central Park recorded 11 inches Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, the NWS said.

Please check out Erica Di Gregorio's artistic photo from her front door in Plainview and sent to Patch. We'd love your photos: Send them to joe.dowd@patch.com 

George January 22, 2014 at 02:56 PM
The roads today in Plainview are HORRIBLE..they haven't been plowed since late afternoon yesterday and not a drop of salt or sand. I guess the Town didn't think Plainview needed the roads today..Old Country is in Mint condition, full asphalt, I guess that is a state or county road..nice job there.
re January 22, 2014 at 07:17 PM
I called the supervisors office to discuss this matter as I have to check on my mom, a 52 year resident .I told him the area around Shoprite was so poorly plowed last time and I was hoping when i arrive I would like to see it in beautiful condition similar to the fabulous road plowing done in my township. I see that Town of Oyster Bay has enough plows to do more than one pass.Where is the pride in taking care of ones hometown. Nothing has changed since I was a kid there


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