Port Jeff Protestors Urging Obama to Investigate Banks (Photos)

Rally is part of a national movement.

Protestors who gathered on Thursday afternoon on the corner of Route 112 and Nesconset Highway said they were there to send a message to President Obama. They want the President to take action against the role banks had in the economic crisis and hold them accountable.

"We're here to insists that he (President Obama) investigate," said Pam Burris, one of the protestors. "Banks shouldn't be getting a slap on the wrist."

The event was part of a national movement organized through MoveOn.org that called for people to protest "Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and other 1 percent banks that ravaged our economy," according to an email sent out about the event.

That's why the protestors chose that specific corner.

"Because there's a bank here," said Mary Stevenson, the organizer of the local protest who pointed to the nearby on Route 112.

People who took part in the protest held signs, spoke with drivers as they stopped to ask what they were doing and waved to supporters who beeped their horns as they drove by.

"We're trying to wake the people up," said Ed Good, from South Setauket. "Somebody has to do it. The more people we wake up the better off we are."

Click through the slide show to see photos of the protestors.

BillLongisland January 23, 2012 at 11:39 AM
OWS has money to burn Struggle to divide Occu-pie By CANDICE M. GIOVE Last Updated: 12:59 PM, January 8, 2012 Posted: 12:51 AM, January 8, 2012 The cash is burning a hole in their pockets. As the Occupy Wall Street movement loses steam, protesters are pitching new and creative ways to spend the $300,000 remaining in the kitty. The group now raises just a few hundred bucks a day, down sharply from the tens of thousands that poured in daily at its height in November. All told, it took in $706,855.91 in donations between Oct. 1 and Jan. 4. Much of what was already spent went to food, laundry, supplies and MetroCards. Among the suggestions aired at recent OWS meetings on how to slice up the Occu-pie were.... Read 10 suggestions here: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/ows_has_money_to_burn_zbjQcSF86gzz8vvVDSNZgM#ixzz1kHRwLfs1
Get Off My Lawn January 23, 2012 at 12:58 PM
The Police State Thugs won't tolerate it.
James M. January 23, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Well when Wall Street is posting record profits and the workers are still out of work then tends to be some back lash.
Get Off My Lawn January 23, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Money insider Charles Ortel has warned that a worsening economic picture across the globe will see civil unrest hit the streets of America, not on behalf of leftist OWS types, but by an armed, “irascible and vocal Majority”. Ortel, a managing partner with Newport Value Partners, LLC in New York City, predicts that a failure of the so-called financial recovery will precipitate “A painful re-calibration of economic strength and geo-political standing during 2012 in the midst of widespread civil insurrection and cross-border war.” Noting that Americans’ access to firearms will cause such riots to be bloodier than anything seen in Europe, Ortel predicts that a contented and silent Majority will be turned into “an irascible and vocal Majority,” as a result of numerous macro-economic and geo-political threats facing the country, including the collapse of the euro, the bursting of the financial bubble in China, and the looming debt crisis, all of which will contribute to weak economic growth.
Get Off My Lawn January 24, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Didn't Obama promise to end all this?? Lol.


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