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Oyster Bay Man Killed in Crash on Northern State

Tell Us: Did Your Newborn Come Early?

Lately, some babies just can't wait to see the world: Have you had a close call?

In the course of a week, two EMS teams from this area delivered two babies in the back of ambulances on the side of highways.

The first was on the Seaford-Oyster Bay on March 15; the second took place early Sunday on the Robert Moses Causeway. Click the links to see the dramatic stories.

This begs the question: Did you have a close call?

Did your water break in the most inopportune moment; did your kid decide it was time before you could give him or her a "time-out"?

(We did some research: About 1 in 200 births take place suddenly. And until the 1930s or so, Americans were usually born at home, often with the assistance of a midwife.)

Please share your close calls and sudden parenthood stories with our readers in the comment section below: Tell us about mad rushes to hospitals, or deliveries in the most unexpected places.



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