Hearings Set on Beechwood Plan, New Starbucks in Massapequa

The hearing on the long-debated property in Plainview is set for Feb. 4 at Mattlin Middle School.

At the start of Tuesday's meeting, town officials praised local efforts for the "Toys for Tots" campaign. The meeting hall was filled with gifts for kids. (Photo credit: Joe Dowd.)
At the start of Tuesday's meeting, town officials praised local efforts for the "Toys for Tots" campaign. The meeting hall was filled with gifts for kids. (Photo credit: Joe Dowd.)
In its final scheduled meeting of 2013, the Oyster Bay Town Board set two dates for public hearings in January and February involving a major Plainview development and a new Starbucks on Sunrise Highway.

The board agreed 7-0 to hold a hearing on Feb. 4 on the application of Plainview Properties and Beechwood for the zoning change. That plan would allow the developers to build a large new housing development on the southwest corner of Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road in Plainview.

The area has been known as the "Wang Property," owned by Islanders' owner Charles Wang. It was once the home to the Nassau County Sanitarium.

The public hearing, as well as the board meeting, was moved to Mattlin Middle School at 7 p.m. Feb. 4. A previous public hearing on this development was slated, then cancelled, after a public outcry in April.

Additional information about Country Pointe, the DEIS, and updates on the hearing and applications can be found at their website at countrypointeplainview.com

The second public hearing is set for Jan. 21 in Oyster Bay to consider a propsal to build a Starbucks at 4440 Sunrise Highway in Massapequa. The developers, who call themselves the 4440 Sunrise Property Corp., plan the cafe and drive-through service on the property.

Public hearings are open to the public and offered to provide comment from residents and interested parties.

Steven December 17, 2013 at 08:49 PM
It seems as if it is almost twice a day we hear of some new multi-acre proposal. Is the goal to build on every single space? It really makes me sick. We can start with Inisfada in Manhasset and work east. One continuous city now with high density housing! Fight every single one of these things. Instead of revitalizing the homes in low income towns we just build more housing. Why not "make better" of what we already have. We have no shortage of housing. We do have an ever increasing threat to open space and increasing threat of traffic and urbanization. Some idiot wants to build 9,000 apartments on Pilgrim State... the list goes on and on. Canon USA moved from a perfectly good office in New Hyde Park and built over the last farm in Melville and claim that they built a green building (not one solar panel, zero roof top green space, or transit link). The politicians call this progress when it is really just another lie and burden on every one else.
Allison McNally December 18, 2013 at 11:34 AM
The Town of Oyster Bay offers senior housing known as "Golden Age Housing" ranges from $150,000 to $310,000. There are two develoments in Plainview and one development in Old Bethpage. The waiting list EIGHT years. Many seniors want to pay more to be close to their families, but there are no alternatives. I welcome the development to my Neighborhood
K December 18, 2013 at 12:03 PM
4440 Sunrise Highway ? Isn't that right next to the Massapequa Diner? Do we honestly need more congestion on Sunrise Highway?
Louis December 18, 2013 at 12:47 PM
The property is already approved for a large office building. With all of the office buildings in the area including Canon which Steven motioned, I think homes are a much better alternative. They are saying that most of the homes will be sold to 55 and older people who typically do not have to drive during rush hour times. The property is privately owned so it will not remain open space. Homes are the way to go.


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