Live From London Via Plainview to China

High-tech Plainview firm will provide thousands of hours of Olympics coverage to internet platforms in China.

A Plainview-based high-tech firm will be the electronic conduit providing live, streaming coverage of the to millions of Chinese viewers.

Plainview-based will stream more than 5,600 hours of live coverage, about 80 percent of the total London Olympics coverage, to internet devices across China, the company announced.

NeuLion entered into a contract with China’s government-run television station, China Network Television. CNTV will provide live coverage of major events, while NeuLion's stream will provide a full range of Olympic events to internet platforms such as computers, smartphones or tablets, the company announced.

By comparison, the company said NBC will broadcast and stream a total of about 3,500 hours of

This will be the first time high-definition feeds for sports coverage will be available to Chinese internet users, said Chris Wagner, executive vice president of NeuLion in Plainview. Chinese users will have to sign up and pay a premium for the service. Free lower resolution coverage is also available, the company said.

NeuLion has broadcast 40,000 live sporting events through its internet services, including professional and college sporting events.

For more information about this story and video coverage see at Beet.TV here.

For additional news about the company see this story by VideoNuze.


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