Local Fans Give a Giant Cheer

Fans turn out at area eateries to watch the champs' parade.

The New York Giants traveled through the "Canyon of Heroes" in Lower Manhattan Tuesday, while as many as a million fans showered them with cheers and ticker tape under a Big Blue Sky.

But local fans who couldn't be there in person were there in spirit at local restaurants and watering holes.

It was the perfect cap for a memorable week.

"It's a great day for New York and New Jersey and a great day for a parade," said Lenore Booth, 48, of Massapequa, who took time out to view the proceedings with the lunchtime crowd at in Plainview. "It's about the fans and they look very happy."

Her lunchtime companion, Joe Epitania, 58, of Hicksville, is still coming down from the high of the Giants' 21-17 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots. 

"It was a very exciting game," Epitania said. "Nail biting. But Eli Manning came through in the clutch. You can call him, Mr. February."

Manning, the Giants quarterback, won his second championship and his second Super Bowl MVP. He's more than just a football player to Giants fan Michael Kessler.

"The Giants are a classy organization, and their quarterback is a class act," Kessler said. "He's humble, modest and a classy man and those things are tough to fins no matter what team you root for."

Kessler said he came into the Main Event with his friend Donald Ingram, a Plainview accountant, who said Big Blue, "Did a phenomenal job."

"There were no could haves, would haves or should haves" Ingram said. "They stuck with the game plan. I knew it was going to be close in the last five minutes, and Ahmad Bradshaw scores the least graceful winning touchdown I've ever seen."

Bradshaw's clumsy rear-end first score may not have been a thing of beauty, but his game-winner was the most exciting play for George Stratton, 53, who took in the parade at the Farmingdale

"I thought I was going to throw up," he said of the games incredible finish. But he felt confident all through the game.

"Even though they were underdogs, I knew they'd do it. Especially since they beat New England four years ago."

The Giants received the key to the city from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and fans received memories that will last a lifetime.

All and all, a super deal.


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