Main Street Struggling For Business During Barclays

Merchants say golf tournament not giving Main Street businesses needed boost.

With in town one may think that it would boost the local economy in Farmingdale, but Main Street business owners are telling a different tale.

It may be world-class golf at nearby , but the crowds and attention – for the most part – are passing Farmingdale businesses by. 

“I wouldn't necessarily say its a very big help for our business. It is more of a hindrance,” said manager of internet sales at , A.J. Schumacher.

“The town loves to tout this as a fantastic thing and it seems about the only places that end up benefiting are the bars in the evening," he said.

Jim Thompson, owner of the newly opened speciality shop, , agreed that business has been tough to come by during the tournament.

“I think it is the fact that the parking for the shuttle is discouraging regular local shoppers to come into town to shop. I'm literally having the worst day I’ve had since I opened,” he said.

While some retail stores are struggling, General Manager of the , Mike Dicroia, says the week-long event has been good for business so far.

“We have a lot of reservations so we are definitely expecting a big crowd,” said Dicroia, who says some amateur and big name golfers are expected to visit.

“I’m kind of a hush-hush about it right now. There are definitely a few big shots coming in. It’s definitely a good thing,” he said.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said the region would see an .

While some restaurants and bars are doing well, others are still struggling. Owner of , Peter Rousakis said has been handing out flyers at the train station, offering drink specials and live music and still hasn’t noticed any increase in business.

“My weekends look the same as usual," Rousakis said. "I don't see an influx of picking up in terms of reservations. It is not working of us. I’ve heard from prior businesses in the area from the last U.S. Open that it is the same thing. It didn't do anything for our local Main Street.”

Some owners expressed their concerns for the Village to create a new plan of action for future golf events, saying that the tournament has not only failed to bring in new customers but that it is also upset the balance for regular customers. The Barclays continues through Sunday.

"Most people come into the train station and they bus them right over to Bethpage and we never see them, but we have heard a lot more from people that are our regular customers about it being a bigger disruption," Schumacher said. 

Thompson says renting out abandoned lots in Farmingdale for parking would be the best option to maintain a sense of normality for customers and businesses on Main Street during big events such as the Barclays. 

“I think if they could rent that parking lot some how, that is kind of off the beaten path and it won't then impact the local trade. That way everybody wins,” he said.

John Dugan August 26, 2012 at 06:07 PM
We as commercial district cannot be a community by just "being here" anymore . It used to work very well in years past but times ,demographics, and economics have changed radically. There is alot of sophisticated competition from Malls and large chains that are unlikely to come to Main St. There is also alot of marketing noise out there filling our senses. Thinking along the social media lines , you now must "engage and build a community" .Interesting experiences with some value must be offered so.people will come if they are engaged and intrigued. An example might be something like a (civilized ) Pub "crawl" organized by the Chamber. Or an organized cocktail/dinner/dessert at three cooperating restaurants . For the kids, a firehouse tour followed by pizza at on of the places in town. For the next "OPEN" rather than expect a lot of outsiders , think of special "deals " involving village business that celebrate the open , for the locals , kind of like the big stores do for holidays. Pictures of people enjoying these events could be posted on the village or chamber web sites. . Like a chef on a competition show , we need to look at what we have to work with in Farmingdale and what interesting combinations / synergies could be created for all age groups . Historical Society walking tour follows by wine tasting ..ect.... Nothing is easy today, Nothing ! Especially in a small downtown , we must try!! Manicure/ Sushi??? ;^) Respectfully submitted, John Dugan
bob gee August 27, 2012 at 07:43 PM
thank god Mr. Woods has left town. now we can let the caucasian women out of the houses
Brian Karcher August 27, 2012 at 07:56 PM
The car shows are the WORST. Disgusting people. Blocked off roads. Traffic.
Brian Karcher August 27, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Your store is over priced and inconvenient to park at.
George Bohorquez August 27, 2012 at 09:36 PM
i have parking in the rear and let me know what product is overprice i have been in business for 12 years my other store in hempstead has the same prices and i dont see anybody complaining


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