Review: The New Pub on The Block

The Republic on Main Street serves beer, food and good times.

Less than one year old, The Republic has already become a local favorite in Farmingdale. Located in the oldest bar on Main Street, The Republic is the newest traditional Irish Pub in the area, filling the void that Granny O’Shay’s, the former bar at this location, left when it closed. 

Overview: The Republic is an Irish influenced pub with a good sized menu, sells over 50 different kinds of beer and although small, has a long bar and decent amount of indoor and outdoor seating for dining. Owner Morgan Sharp lives in the village and wanted to open a bar he'd "hang out in.” 

Drinks: “Guinness is the epitome of Irish Beer,” says Sharp, so they have “timers to train the staff on how to wait out the perfect pint.”  This ensures that the Guinness you get here will be just like the one you get in Ireland. With Guinness, The Republic has an extensive beer menu. “We are not the craft beer place on the block,” Sharp continued. “That distinction belongs to the bar on the corner, we just have our fair share to serve our customers.” They also mix their own gas so they'll never run out and your beer will never be flat.

Appetizers: No pub is complete without pub-grub and The Republic has a taste for every craving including chicken fingers, buffalo wings, loaded potato chips and drunken shrimp. According to Sharp, the Irish Nachos are their signature appetizer.

The wings came out quickly and smell of heat resonated from the plate. They were coated in a generous amount of hot sauce and came garnished with celery, carrots and ranch. They were large and juicy, but the hot sauce was a bit salty and they weren’t very crispy. “We are not trying to be the wing place on the block,” Sharp said.  A bar down the block does $.10 wing night and next door neighbor has dozens of flavors. The Republic doesn’t want to compete with them, that is, according to Sharp, “a competition that no one wins.”

Entrée: “Everything is fresh and of the best quality.” Nothing sits in The Republic long before it is cooked and served. The menu boasts $8-$9 sandwiches, four different $10 burgers, and a list of entrées, ranging from $12-$18, that includes macaroni and cheese stuffed meatloaf and a pub steak. You won't go broke eating at The Republic.

Sharp suggested their most commonly ordered burger, aptly named The Republic. It’s a 1/2lb.burger with bacon, Irish cheddar, Irish whiskey BBQ sauce and onion strings with a side of sweet potato tater tots. The BBQ sauce added a sweet tinge to the salty bacon and sharp cheese flavors and combined with the crispy fried finish of the onions, it is no wonder why this is the most popular burger. The tater tots were more of a dessert than a side dish. Sweet potatoes fried with a hint of cinnamon, they were like mini churros.

Overall Experience: The Republic is new, has a good combination of beer, food and friendly atmosphere and understands that eating well doesn’t mean breaking the bank. “There is always one of the six Long Island Breweries on tap,” says Sharp, “and the drafts change weekly, so there is always something new to try.”

jody May 12, 2011 at 09:16 PM
Wait... what? Meatloaf STUFFED with Mac and Cheese?! I can't describe how excited that makes my belly.
Steve Ostendorff May 13, 2011 at 05:59 PM
Morgan Sharp, the owner of The Republic, said that the Meatloaf stuffed with Mac & Cheese was one of the most popular items on the menu. I can imagine it being amazing. Their menu has a lot of very interesting Irish influenced meals, so there will always be something different to consume. Thanks for the comments and happy dining!
Todd May 13, 2011 at 06:12 PM
I can't wait to visit LI again and try that mac and cheese stuffed meatloaf...What a combo. Yum. Yum.
Patti May 15, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Will definitely stop by, great price point and the food is right up my alley
Jeff August 07, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Tried this place one week after it opened. Wanted to see how they made the place look after taking over that "hole" grannys...I have not stopped going. Always good people to talk to, food is great and beer selection great. I am especially addicted to the burgers. I love my burgers medium but everywhere I go, even though the waiter/waitress will ask how do I like mine cooked, it still comes out well. The cooks at Republic make my medium burgers PERFECT...EVERYTIME. Amazing. Always pink and juicy. I have to say, even though the republic is the most ordered, I am addicted to the good and the ugly. Be warned about the Ugly burger..can be sloppy/messy but oh so good. This place is a great neighborhood hang out bar. Also a older mellow crowd. I have been here so many times and have never seen drunken college kids ready to flex their beer muscles. Great place!


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