Water District Work Progressing

Mild winter has allowed capital improvements to continue ahead of schedule.

Its' an under-cover operation, of sorts, that has the iconic cloaked in a giant drop cloth.

The is continuing to make major improvements to the water system. The biggest symbol of that work is the beige cover over the water tower, visible all over town, which is being used to prevent debris from falling to the ground.

Members of the Andrew Bader, Joel Kessler and Edward Shulroff reported an update this week on the progress of the capital improvements underway at the water district.

Plant No. 2, located on Donna Drive, is the latest facility undergoing renovations to improve productivity.

“The District continues to take proactive measures to make sure residents receive the purest and safest water possible,” said Board Chairman Andrew Bader. “The measures we take to ensure a high quality product, and initiative to communicate the overall status of renovations to our customers further exemplifies our commitment to the community.” 

Since September 2011, the Water District has been in the process of rehabilitating the at the facility.  Through a series of in-depth tank inspection reports performed by the District’s professional engineers, it was determined that the interior and exterior coating systems were in need of replacement.

The district, through a formal bidding process, awarded the job to a contractor who is currently replacing both coating systems as well as improving obsolete safety equipment. Additional facility improvements are being performed as deemed necessary. 

The mild winter weather has allowed the work to progress and is ahead of schedule.

When the coating job is completed, the tower will be repainted in it's familiar colors, Bader said.

The district invites residents with questions to contact the Plainview Water District at (516) 931-6469 or log on to www.plainviewwater.org.


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