You Decide: Top Business Story of 2011

All this week, Plainview Patch asks its readers to decide the most important stories of 2011. Take our easy poll to help name the winners.

Business and the economy were in the news throughout 2011. New businesses opened, but many long-standing businesses reported suffering through hard economic times. The Chamber of Commerce saw steady growth. The unemployment figures impvoved over 2010, but stayed flat this year.

Help decide the biggest business stories this year. Take our simple poll attached to at the bottom.

THE ECONOMY: By the end of the year, the were disappointing across Long Island and in the . Some believe here and nearby, but are needed.

NEW VENTURES: Several opened: A store.   Others became prominent: took a public role in . Still were, including which opened a

CHAMBER'S RESURGENCE: The Plainview-Old Bethpage is seeing a resurgence. It's and it is becoming a in the community.

PLAINVIEW HOSPITAL: and brought to the Old Country Road landmark. Its opened an immediate care facility in Bethpage. And a young man built a for the ages.

LANDMARK REVIVAL: A major began to preserve the old Maine Maid Inn at Jericho Corners which, among other things in its storied history, was a stop on the

OYSTER FESTIVAL: An estimated on the hamlet of Oyster Bay in October for the annual and spent millions on games, food and at local restaurants.

LIPA PROBLEMS: The power company was for its response to where Plainview residents were Then the utility announced it would by 2 percent.

LIRR PROBLEMS: The experienced and also Then it became embroiled in a scandal involving some of its workers being accussed of they weren't entitled to.

COLISEUM VOTE: The to refurbish the Ed Mangano went after to redevelop the 77-acre site. had hinted of moving his NHL team, the Islanders, and whether on the line.

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCILS: Gov. Cuomo in the summer. Significant to Plainview area firms in December.

Editor's Note: All this week, is asking readers to decide the most important stories of the year. Take our easy poll to help name the winners.


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