Changed by 9/11: Raj Mehta, Businessman

Twist of fate kept Plainview man from Trade Center.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Raj Mehta, chairman and CEO of the Plainview-based software company Infosys International Inc., was scheduled to have a meeting at the World Trade Center.

Before the meeting in Manhattan, a moment in time would twist fate for Raj Mehta forever.

“I was supposed to be there and I got lucky,” Mehta said. “I forgot some papers in my office in Plainview. By the time I came here, I heard the news. Normally I go from my house to take the train to Manhattan but I came back to my office.”

As a result of the attacks on 9/11, Raj Mehta was also forced to close a separate office located in the Empire State Building.

“I had an office on a higher floor and people did not feel comfortable coming to the office,” he said. “We had to close the office.”

As most Americans remember those lost at that day, Mehta remembered the people who died that day. 

“I lost a lot of friends that I knew personally from Cantor Fitzgerald L.P.,” Mehta recalled. “We did business with for almost 10 years. They lost a lot of people on that day unfortunately.”


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