Nearby: Temple Converts to Mosque

Patch reports on news from around the area.

Some of the news from Long Island communities this week.

The former home of the on Fulton Avenue had been vacant for nearly four years, much to the dismay of a newly-elected mayor and local officials. But, that all changed last month when the former Jewish community center reopened as a place of worship, now a mosque.

'Spiderman' Trainer Opens Studio

Core training like the stars is now an option in Port Washington. Revolution in Motion, RevinMo for short, is a concept developed by Dr. Edythe Heus, a chiropractor who specializes in kinesiology. Her program took off when she began training cast members of Broadway’s "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark." Not long after, though, word spread to an audience that stretched beyond Broadway.

Two new exhibits, Robert S. Neuman’s "Ship to Paradise" and "Absorbed by Color: Art in the 20th Century," are on view at the .

Robert S. Neuman's Ship to Paradise, showing through Nov. 25, focuses on the artist’s surrealist illustrations for an edition of Sebastian Brandt’s "The Shyp of Fooles," a 15th century allegory on the foibles and folly of man, a theme that dates back to the Middle Ages.


Long Beach property owners may no longer plant invasive or “running” bamboo but may maintain it and grow other species, after the City Council on Tuesday approved a rewritten ordinance regarding the nonnative plant. The ordinance was reworded from the original outright ban on planting or maintaining all bamboo anywhere in the city to include a provision that permits residents to plant non-invasive bamboo and maintain any species of bamboo provided it “doesn’t encroach or grow onto any adjoining or neighboring property," reads the new law. The council voted 3-1 to adopt it.

's annual gala is scheduled for Dec. 6 at Oheka Castle, with a goal of raising funds for a mammography system.

Meantime, an auto raffle is underway, raising money for a cardiac monitoring station for the hospital's emergency department.


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