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Powerless in Plainview

Many remain without power one day after storm but cleanup is underway.

Although the sun was shining brightly one day after Irene hit the region, there is still evidence of its destruction, including downed trees, obstructed roadways, and, most exasperating for many Plainview-Old Bethpage residents, the continued loss of power.

  Some in the area never lost power and others have had it return over the last day, but there are many who remain without electric. 

 Trina Newman of Old Bethpage said that her house lost power in the early hours of Sunday morning and that LIPA has given no indication when it will be restored.

Although her sister in Oceanside has offered the use of her house, Newman said that her family wants to stay put. She said that she dropped off  her frozen goods at the home of a neighborhood friend who had not lost power and that she and her family have taken quick cold showers.

“Luckily I cooked on Saturday, anticipating that we might lose power, Newman said.  “And," she added, “although it was a little warm yesterday, the temperate weather is making it bearable.”

Neverthless Newman said that each time she has seen a block of houses get their power restored, she fervently hopes hers will be next.

A few blocks away, Sue Curran, also of Old Bethpage, is finding the lack of power to be a major inconvenience as she prepares to pack up  and take her oldest child Jennifer to  college at Northeastern University in Boston.

“It’s a real pain to deal with no lights, washing machine or other electric at the same time that we are trying to get her ready.”Sue Curran commented. “I thought we were getting it back last night when the houses down the block had their lights restored, but no such luck.”

With or without power, the packing continues and the Currans will leave for Boston on Wednesday morning.

LIPA has indicated that crews are out and working as quickly as possible but cannot give specific times as to when power will be restored to a particular home or block. Other work crews could be seen around Plainview, clearing away brush and removing limbs that were dangling over streets.

Neal Schwartz August 30, 2011 at 08:59 AM
I drove thru East Meadow Hicksville Plainview part of Levittown this morning for over 1 and 1/2 hours I didn't see a single LIPA truck or anyone working on wires at all maybe they should post where the crews are working so we might believe them. Unless they put all their trucks in one town shouldn’t someone see them??? We pay one of the highest or maybe the highest electric bills in the country give us something for it. Can’t charge us for electricity we can’t get! Hmm or is that the idea make it take so long they can try to charge us for the repairs?
SCA August 30, 2011 at 01:14 PM
Everyone is focused on the outages, but as they clean up people need to be aware there may also be live low hanging lines. I can see two from our house one four feet off the ground the other much lower -- easily within the reach of a child. They have been reported to LIPA and met with the same response, "we're very busy and will get there when they get there; call us if the lines start sparking."
Larry Weiss August 30, 2011 at 03:42 PM
Ours is one of a small group of seven houses that have power here in our neighborhood - the rest are still in the dark. Some of us that have power have run extension cords to some who don't. It won't run their houses, but it can run their fridge and perhaps a lamp and the phone. If you have power you may want to help your less fortunate neighbors out and do the same.


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