Psychic Connections

Many of us might be a bit skeptical about psychic predictions but what would you think if one of yours came true?

Recently I was watching an episode of “The Soup” on the E Channel and they did this funny mash up of all these clips from “The Long Island Medium”. This is one of those reality shows where she convinces people that she is talking to their dead loved ones. Yada Yada. Anyway the mash up clip pretty much proved my theory that 99.9% of psychics and mediums are scam artists and shysters. But I have to admit that the part of me that believes in UFOs and ghosts, does believe that the very small percentage left may have a little something.

Back in my single days living on the upper east side of Manhattan, my friend "Jane” and I were walking down 79th Street on a rainy Sunday. We passed by a sign in front of a little store front that said “ESP $5”. I turned to Jane and said, "Let’s go get some ESP for $5”. Being that we were bored and had nothing better to do she said ok.

So we walked to the vestibule of this run down walk-up building and buzzed the psychic.  A heavy set woman in a floral house coat opens the door and says "Come in I am Sister Rose.” She opens the door to her psychic studio/apartment. As we walk in her husband is standing in a little kitchenette in his boxers and dirty white undershirt tank top cooking what smelled like eggs, salami and onions.

She leads Jane to a card table in her psychic studio/living room/dining room/bedroom. She then directs me to the high rise twin bed covered with a throw blanket which doubled as her sofa. Sister Rose’s husband sits next to me eating which by then I confirmed was eggs, salami and onions. Together while waiting for Jane to get her ESP, Sister Rose’s husband and I sat and watched “The Four Seasons” with Alan Alda and Carol Burnett. This is one of my favorite movies along with anything Goldie Hawn has done.

Sister Rose takes Jane’s hand and closes her eyes while running her fingers up and down her palm and tells her that she has a black cloud over her head and that she will marry a good provider. Ok that’s it next. I sit down at the card table and Jane takes my place on the “sofa”.

Sister Rose closes her eyes runs her fingers over my palm and says, “In three years you will marry a very good, dark haired man. You will have two boys and a girl and you will die at 80.” Wow ok this totally freaks me out. I say thank you very much, give Sister Rose her five dollars pull Jane away from “The Four Seasons” and high tail it out of there.

We laughed on the way back to my apartment on how ridiculous the whole thing was and how we smelled liked eggs, salami and onions for the rest of the day.

Turns out though that Sister Rose wasn’t so ridiculous. My friend, Jane, who was told she had a black cloud over head was fired from her job two days later out of nowhere and wouldn’t you know it, three years later I married my husband.  He is a very good, dark haired man and I have two boys and a girl in that order. Looks like I have only 38 good years left if the rest of her prediction comes to pass.  I guess I better make the next 38 years count!

I am no Sister Rose, but I can predict that if you are single and check out my website, www.friend2friendnetwork.com you might find your future husband or wife. Follow me on Twitter@F2FNetwork.com or if you have topics you would like me to blog on e-mail me at friend2friendnetwork@gmail.com

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Dave Calderon October 01, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Great Post! That 1% leaves a lot of room for odd things to go on......
Meredith Radisch October 02, 2012 at 01:56 AM
Lol! Glad u liked the blog. Pass it one. :)


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