Israel: Jobs Bill Must Pass

Congressman says small business would be the beneficiary, and that would benefit economy at large.

Dear Friends,

We can’t reduce debt without growth. We can’t have growth without jobs. And we can’t create jobs without small businesses. In fact, 64 percent of all new job growth in this country comes from small businesses.

Our nation’s small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all employer firms in the United States. They are our primary job creators and the backbone of our communities and our economy. That’s why when Congress talks about jobs, we need to be talking to small business owners. I do this with Long Island small business owners and know they want smart investments and tax incentives for job creators.

On Tuesday, I invited Long Island manufacturer Anne Shybunko-Moore to testify before 30 Members of Congress about job creation and growing a business. Anne is the president of GSE Dynamics, a defense company in Hauppauge.

As a small business owner, she knows firsthand how our economic climate is affecting businesses today – and what Congress can do to give our economy the biggest return on our investment. When asked how Washington could help businesses back at home, Anne told the committee, “To create jobs, I believe Congress should be particularly focused on educating the workforce for the types of skilled positions available in today’s manufacturing arena and on providing some financial relief to businesses that will help us invest in corporate growth and in our workforce.”

What Anne’s company and other small businesses need to grow and succeed are some of the very principles laid out in the American Jobs Act: Investments in technology and infrastructure to keep our workforce ahead of foreign competitors.:

  • Contracting and procurement reform with an expedited payment process that will allow small businesses to see an immediate increase in and return on productivity.
  • Programs that foster talent and encourage young, technically-skilled engineers to keep American businesses ahead of the global learning curve.
  • Tax incentives to encourage businesses to expand their workforce.

As Anne said in her testimony: “It is my sincere hope that the leaders in place to improve this economic climate will see the value of partnering and pass a jobs bill that will allow small businesses to prosper as the backbone to the American economy."

Our small business owners are asking Congress to pass a jobs bill, and it’s time for Congress to listen and take action. I will continue to fight for this.

For more information on the American Jobs Act, and to take a survey on creating jobs and supporting small businesses, please visit my website.


Steve Israel
Member of Congress  

Editor's Note: U.S. Rep. Steve Israel, a Democrat from Happauge, represents the 2nd New York Congressional District, which includes part of Plainview.


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