It's Time to Listen to the Experts, Not the Deniers

Some of the best bloggers from around Long Island this week.

Patch bloggers write about the Olympics, washing machines, education and global warming. Here is a sampling of some of the best bloggers on Patch this week.

Professor Scott A. Mandia . He writes, "Do not buy the snake oil. Listen to what the overwhelming majority of climate scientists, health experts, insurers, and the military are telling you. We need to take action now."

Deborah Klughers is a beekeeper and wants everyone to celebrate National Honeybee Day. She says, "It’s not easy being a beekeeper- but it is something most can do with a little research and hard work. (It is also very interesting and quite rewarding.)"

It's still summer, and Roni Jenkins is touting the fun of . SUP, as it's known, is "an increasingly popular way of keeping fit and improves core-stability."

Angel Ortega points out the mistakes owners of washing machines make and how to avoid flooding a house. He writes "...those hoses have a recommended usage life of 5 years!  Now, I know you are saying to yourself, 'No way my hoses are way older then 5 years old' and my answer will be, keep my number handy."

Lifestyle coach Lorraine Miller is concerned about feeling . "Once we take a moment to stop and really look at what absolutely needs to be done, we often realize that there is plenty of time to accomplish the essentials."


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