Question of the Day: Long Island Proms

Let us know what you think.

Last night was the senior banquet.

Due to a combination of costs and safety concerns, Long Island high schools have instituted the more low-key banquets and sometimes talk about eliminating prom altogether.

What are your thoughts about prom? Have costs gotten out of control? Tell us in the comments.

Helen June 15, 2011 at 01:37 AM
Okay, can't see a Senior prom ever being eliminated. It's traditional, a rite of passage, a memory to hold on to forever. That said, here's my input - the "over and above" prom weekend is ridiculous. Renting a party house out east somewhere? No way. Limos, dresses, tux's, flowers, pictures....yes.....costly, yes, but today, what isn't? What has to stop is topping the Jones' - never mind keeping up with them. As for safety concerns...well, that is the parents' responsibility as well as the school. Contracts are signed and adhered to. Parents need to have more of a role in their childrens' lives - that's right- they are still children, people. Let the Seniors have fun, but give them boundaries.....
Geraldine McKiernan June 15, 2011 at 02:14 PM
I didn't grow up in Farmingdale, but my high school had a senior banquet and a senior prom. Senior banquet was for Senior awards and was during the week. The prom was right before graduation. I agree with Helen. High School seniors look forward to prom. It's a tradition and as far as safety concerns, lets get down to what that actually means. It is my understanding that over the years, kids have been injured and even killed after prom due to drunk driving. How can you blame the school for the kids drinking when there is no alcohol at the actual prom? It's all about the choices these children make and the values their parents instill in them. Yes a contract is a good idea, but there are some that will void that contract by their actions. Kids should be smart enough to know not to drive if they have been drinking. Parents should have a code that if they do find themselves drinking or their ride is drinking to be able to call their parents for a ride no questions asked. Or, they should be smart enough to call a taxi. Most taxi companies this day will not charge for the ride if the person explains they were too drunk to drive home. Punishing all seniors for the actions of very few, is not the answer. You could take it as far as the principal making a statement, anyone caught drinking will not be allowed to attend graudation, or be required to attend summer classes.
Kim Donohue June 15, 2011 at 02:31 PM
FHS Senior Banquet is not a punishment for bad prom behavior. It is instead a very foward and intelligent approach to end of the year commemorations. Instead of the pressure of a "date night" all seniors are invited and included with the intention of them getting together to celebrate their own senior class, ostensibly for the last time before graduation. I have had two kids go to banquet and worked in the local florist for 12 years and I can tell you that the kids enjoy the lack of pressure and still participate in the ammemnities: limo, flowers, tux and gown. I applaud FHS for this approach and wish they had had that at my high school.


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