Cops: Scam Artists Preying on the Elderly

A disturbing pattern has emerged: One man distracts a victim while a second looks for valuables.

issued a county-wide warning Thursday, describing a deceptive technique being used to prey upon local seniors.

Two incidents have occurred in the last few days in which people posing as utility home repair workers have lured unsuspecting seniors away from their open doors or enticed them to other areas of their home while an accomplice enters in search of valuables.

The pattern began on Dec. 13 in Massapequa Park, where, police say, an 80-year-old man was decorating his home when he was approached by a male who said he worked for the power company and that they would be working in his yard. The resident was lured into the rear yard and later discovered jewelry missing from an upstairs bedroom.

The second incident occurred in Jericho the next day when an 84-year-old
man answered a knock on his door and was asked if he wanted his gutters cleaned. Police said the subject lured the homeowner into the kitchen while a second subject apparently entered the home and went upstairs.

The homeowner became suspicious and when he told the subject that he was calling the police, the second subject came down the stairs and both subjects left the home and fled the scene in a white van. There was no reported loss.

Nassau County residents are urged to dial 911 when they encounter suspicious persons and/or vehicles.

joan January 26, 2012 at 01:59 PM
It happened to me,,,, A man knocked on the door and said I have something for you to sign,, since I didn't open the door to do so, he tried to open the door,, I told him to leave the building that he had the wrong person and I wasn't going to sign anything.. and if he didn't leave I would call the police which I did, when the police came I gave them my story and went to the police dept the following day and found the the report read,,, unfounded, although I was given an incident report number and officers name,,,,nothing was ever followed up by the police dept,, it's scarry, can't rely on those whom we are encouraged to trust for help...Be aware of intruders, never open your door to anyone that your not expecting..


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