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Cops: Woman Delayed Investigation into Daughter’s Rape

Woman charged with hindering investigation after fleeing to Georgia; her former husband was charged with child’s assault.

Woman charged with hindering investigation after fleeing to Georgia; her former husband was charged with child’s assault. (Photo: Jason Molinet)
Woman charged with hindering investigation after fleeing to Georgia; her former husband was charged with child’s assault. (Photo: Jason Molinet)

A former Massapequa woman was captured in Georgia after she refused to help cops investigate her daughter’s rape, a crime detectives eventually found was committed by her former husband, according to Nassau County Police.

Special Victims Squad said the woman refused to provide critical information needed to prove the identity of her daughter’s assailant, as well as repeatedly refusing to bring a child in for DNA sampling. She eventually brought in a child for testing, but the child was not her 11-year-old daughter, police reported.

The woman then fled to Georgia with her daughter to avoid further questioning, cops stated. She also witheld the location of her ex-husband, also from Massapequa, who police determined was responsible for her daughter’s assault in early 2013. He reportedly still had access to the victim at that time, cops said.

Authorities found out about the incident after a report from a state agency in October.

Police finally tracked the man down in West Palm Beach, Fla. and was arrested by U.S. Marshalls and local police. He was charged with first-degree rape and predatory sexual assault of a child.

The woman was found in her Georgia home by Nassau County Detectives, local police forces, and U.S. Marshalls. She was charged with first-degree hindering a prosecution and will be arraigned at Nassau County Court in Mineola on Monday.

The victim is now living with relatives out of state.

Names of defendants withheld by Patch to protect victim’s identity.
Sandy Beach March 04, 2014 at 02:31 PM
I am not happy with the "new and improved" Patch. I was always looking forward to reading my local news. Now it's not local anymore. If I want to read about Long Island news, I will go to News 12 or Newsday. I expect to see Long Beach news when I'm on the Long Beach Patch. The changes are very disappointing. Please put it back to the way it was.
Hyacinth Smith March 04, 2014 at 03:20 PM
Any actions of harassment to the women will always consider as being disrespectful. Women also must be responsible of they act or what they ware so that they will not experience this kind of thing that will feel them like being disrespected by men or even other people around them. Keep safe and protected let us bring protection with us specially to our kids give them the safety all they need where ever they are we don't know what will happen next let us be responsible all the time check this out at http://bit.ly/1nctEuL.
Massa March 04, 2014 at 03:30 PM
This patch sucks. The real patch writers tell it how it is..... With real names and descriptions. I want real facts and know what is going on in my community. These Mutts live on Kenwood ave in East Massapequa..... Near that problem block Clicks Blvd. if you look at crime in Massapequa, most of it is in that area. It is very sad that the decent people that do live there have to live next to scum like this. That area has been in the news for incidents involving drugs, guns and shots fired by police at these mutts. Enough is enough already. We live here and these mutts need to go. They don't take care of their kids, property.... No respect or morals what do ever.
Massa March 04, 2014 at 03:38 PM
The 7th precinct needs to hold community meetings so things can be discussed. That is how things get done and good areas don't fall to crap. We pay way to much money in taxes to live here and have to deal with garbage like this living so close. I was raised here and it was a good safe area with a lot of police officers calling it home. It has good hard working people who take care of their homes and have pride. Now we have things like this happening much to often. NC police helicopters are always over our town these days. Now it is time to do something about where we all live.


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