Cops: Woman Went on Rampage in Hicksville

Officers injured after Hicksville resident, 28, slams into police cars, flees before capture.

A Hicksville woman went on a vehicular rampage Thursday afternoon after slamming into a car and leading police on a dangerous chase, Nassau police said.

Three police officers were injured Thursday before the suspect was subdued

The incident began about 5:15 p.m. when a 54-year-old victim called 911 to report her Mercedes Benz had been struck while parked on Dean Street and a Ford had left the scene. Police responded in force and located the Ford on Dean Street with the defendant, Catherine Sharkey, 28 of 169 Scooter Lane, behind the wheel with the engine running and doors locked.

The defendant seemed unresponsive as officers attempted to gain her attention by banging on the windows of the vehicle, police said. Then, Sharkey reached for an aerosol can in the car and prayed its contents into her mouth.

Officers attempted to gain entry when Sharkey pulled away, nearly striking the officers, police said. She fled westbound on Dean Street and turned southbound onto Scooter Lane refusing to pull over for officers.

Sharkey continued on northbound on Jerusalem Avenue when she lost control of the vehicle near Tobias Street, striking a curb and stop sign. As officers approached in their vehicles the suspect placed her vehicle in reverse, striking a marked police vehicle and pushing it into a second police vehicle. One officer sustained injuries to his arm, neck and shoulder.

Sharkey then fled eastbound on Tobias Street and through several side streets eventually, eventually heading northbound on Jerusalem Avenue. As the defendant’s vehicle approached 2nd Street it struck a marked police vehicle causing neck and back injuries to the officer. Both vehicles then came to a stop. The defendant then drove her vehicle directly into another police vehicle causing the officer to sustain a back injury.

Sharkey again fled northbound on Jerusalem Avenue driving erratically and sideswiping a police vehicle. As the defendant was approaching Broadway she again lost control of her vehicle and slammed into a utility pole at Broadway and East Barclay Street.

Police said an officer approached and saw Sharkey attempting to place the vehicle in reverse. The officer broke the vehicle’s window to gain control of it causing lacerations and contusions to his hands and arms but was able to remove the defendant from the vehicle.

Sharkey resisted arrest by refusing verbal commands, flailing her arms, contorting her body and attempting to pull away. She was eventually placed into custody, police said.

Three officers were taken area hospitals where they were treated and released. The defendant was also taken to an area hospital where she was admitted for a broken ankle and is listed in stable condition. Sharkey’s vehicle was impounded.

Sharkey is charged with felony counts of assault, Reckless Endangerment as well as counts of resisting arrest, illegal use of toxic vapors, leaving the scene of an accident and a variety of other charges.

She will be arraigned as soon as practical.


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