Crime Report: 10 Burglaries; Cars Stolen from LIRR Lots

Patch reports on crime in the Syosset and Woodbury area.

Burglaries and car thefts dominated the crime reports in the Syosset area last week.

Ten burglaries were reported in one week in neighboring areas, six of them in Hicksville. Incidences ranged from break-ins with no reported losses to theft of cash, jewelry, and electronics.

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Another crime trend Nassau County Police reported was car-related crimes across the area. Four cars were stolen in surrounding areas, two from Long Island Railroad stations.

The Second Precinct reported the following crimes:

Reported burglaries:

  • Nov. 21: Burglary; Cornell Lane, Hicksville; attempted rear door entry, nothing taken.
  • Nov. 21: Burglary; Livingston Avenue, Jericho; assorted jewelry stolen.
  • Nov. 22: Burglary; Nick's Sports Barber Shop, Hicksville; cash register and cash stolen.
  • Nov. 23: Burglary; Kiran Palace, Hicksville; cash stolen.
  • Nov. 24: Burglary; Bottle on Broadway, Massapequa; nothing taken, bottle of wine broken.
  • Nov. 25: Burglary; Toro Limited, Hicksville; plumbing and electric torn down, nothing taken.
  • Nov. 26: Burglary; Lesley Drive, Syosset; laptops, jewelry, camera stolen.
  • Nov. 26: Burglary; Melanie Lane, Syosset; assorted jewelry, cash stolen.
  • Nov. 27: Burglary; Preston Lane, Syosset; rear door entry, assorted jewelry, cash, computers stolen.
  • Nov. 27: Burglary; Cliff Drive, Hicksville; front door pried open, jewelry and handbags stolen.
  • Nov. 27: Burglary; Evers Street, Hicksville; rear door pried open, nothing taken.

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Car-related crimes included:

  • Nov. 20: Grand larceny; Host Way Inn, Jericho; car stolen.
  • Nov. 21: Grand larceny; Farmingdale LIRR station; car stolen.
  • Nov. 23: Grand larceny; Hicksville LIRR station; car stolen.
  • Nov. 23: Petit larceny; Nevada Street, Hicksville; Kindle stolen from car.
  • Nov. 23: Nevada Street, Hicksville; GPS stolen from car.
  • Nov. 25: Grand larceny; West John Street, Hicksville; car stolen.
  • Nov. 25: Grand larceny; Rainforest Cafe, Bethpage; car stolen.
Randi Portnoy November 30, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Who are the people committing these crimes? Are they supposed to be in our country? Hint, hint. I find that the more illegals we have on Long Island the higher our crime rate has risen. Not prejudice just a statement.
Grifhunter December 04, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Uh, hey Randi. Check out the police blotter for the arrests for drunk driving, hit and runs and spousal abuse. Lots of friendly hardworking folks doing jobs Americans won't do.


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