Crime Report: Car Break-ins, Grand Theft Auto

Burglary reports remain low in Plainview and Syosset area; several incidences of stolen items from cars and auto theft.

The following arrest information was supplied by the Second Precinct of the Nassau County Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

reported last week when a flat screen television was taken from the Jericho Motel Sunday. Most of the crimes reported in our area involved cars. Incidences ranged from minor scratches to grand theft auto in Woodbury. Several instances of wallets, cash and cards being stolen were reported.

The Second Precinct reported the following crimes:

  • March 19: Criminal mischief; Woodbury Road, Syosset; scratches on car.
  • March 21: Grand larceny; London Road, Syosset; fraudulent activity.
  • March 21: Grand larceny; On Parade Diner, Woodbury; wallet, cell phone, cash stolen from car.
  • March 22: Grand larceny; Lettlepond Road, Jericho; car stolen.
  • March 25: Burglary; Jericho Motel; flat screen TV stolen.
  • March 25: Grand larceny; Berkeley Lane, Syosset; tires and rims stoeln from car.
  • March 25: Grand larceny; Lark Drive, Woodbury; wallet, credit and gift card, cash stolen from car.
  • March 25: Petit larceny; Livengood Court, Woodbury; dumbbells, shopping bag stolen, car window smashed.
  • March 26: Grand larceny; Orchid Drive, Woodbury; car stolen.

The following arrest information was supplied by the Nassau County Police Department. A criminal charge is only an accusation, and does not indicate convictions.

  • March 22: Walter Cusack, 55; charged with criminal possession of stolen property; Long Island Expressway, Jericho.
  • March 22: Dwight Hall, 39; charged with petit larceny; Home Depot, Jericho.
  • March 24: Christopher Cardenas, 28; charged with petit larceny; CVS, Hicksville.
  • March 27: Polyminia Maridakis, 26; charged with petit larceny; Target, Broadway Mall.
  • March 27: Nicole Lianos, 27; charged with petit larceny; Target, Broadway Mall.


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