Mangano: 77 Burglary Arrests This Year

But only two are for crimes reported in Plainview and Syosset; most area burglaries remain unsolved, Patch review shows.

County Executive reported a total of 77 burglary-related arrests in the past eight weeks in Nassau County, including eight arrests that resulted in the closure of 34 burglary cases this year.

Despite that picture, the vast majority of recent Plainview area burglaries remain unsolved, a review of police records indicate.

At a press conference Thursday, Mangano and Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Dale reported the recent arrests and stressed that cracking down on burglars is a top priority in Nassau County.

They said a significant number of those arrested for home burglaries were addicted to or seeking prescription drugs.  

“Today we send a clear message to burglars – stay out of Nassau,” Mangano said. He cited new initiatives being used by police, including a program to beef up the use of forensic evidence Program including DNA, Fingerprint and other trace evidence has assisted officers in successfully capturing burglars.”

The has been among the of the region recently at a time when Nassau County is considering into four.

An examination of recent local crime records by Patch tells an unsettling story, however. Very few of the arrests cited by Mangano and Dale were for crimes reported in the immediate Plainview and Syosset area. The majority of area burglaries remain unsolved.

In fact, the only suspect named on the list for a crime in Plainview was who is accused of a break-in at the abandoned . Police found him when an alarm went off in the building as he hunted for copper wiring.

In the second week of February, there were eight new burglaries in the Plainview-Syosset-Hicksville area in a two-day span. Six of these happened on the same Friday night, Feb. 10. One arrest, resulting from a Jericho burglary, was made.

The previous week, two burglaries were reported, one in Syosset and another in Plainview.

And, during January, at least six burglaries were reported in Plainview alone, a review of Second Precinct crime reports show. Part of Plainview (south of Old Country Road) is covered by the Eighth Precinct, which does not provide arrest and crime reports.

Counted among those on the Nassau County's list released Thursday are two Bethpage men police say are responsible for five burglaries, all in their own neighborhoods. These arrests were made by Eighth Precinct police and detectives.

On Feb. 9, detectives charged 23, of 80 S. Millpage Dr. Bethpage,with burglarizing three homes in his neighborhood, including one where he invaded the home of a sleeping woman who chased him screaming from her house.

On Monday, Feb. 20,, Jr., 41, of 2nd St., Bethpage, was charged with two burglaries in his own Bethpage neighborhood. The defendant was transported to a local hospital where he was admitted for heroin-related detox issues, police said.

Police also included on their list. On Jan. 18: Cayaban, 38, was charged with burglarizing the Healthy Eatery, Syosset. His is the only Syosset burglary arrest on the list.

Joe Dowd February 23, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Only two of these are in Plainview and Syosset; one in each town.
Joel February 24, 2012 at 01:10 PM
I have seen the presentation of this plan on 3 occassions. It is very good because we get the POP cops back. We have only had 1 per precint for a long time. In the past we had as many as 5 per precinct. When they add the 48 to the current 8, it will total 56. This will be the equivalent of 7 per old precint area or 14 in each of the 4 new precincts. Also the 177 patrol cars remain intact. Police cars technology does not need the precint in many cases. Cars also respond from the street by 911 dispatch not from the precinct. The officers change shift at locations in the field near their post not in the precinct. Many days the patrol officer doesn't even go to the precinct. The objectors are creating panic without sharing complete facts. Unfortunately, ordinary citizens who don't know the actual workings of our police only have heard these scare tactics and not realized that safety and specific neighborhood problems will be better addressed in the new system.
TheGreek February 24, 2012 at 01:21 PM
"...Eighth Precinct which does not provide arrest and crime reports" What? Is there no central management? No countywide requirements? Do each of the precincts make up the rules for themselves?
Andrew Meyerson February 24, 2012 at 01:44 PM
The residents of Plainview should ask for another meeting with the police to share our concerns and get more information about what the police are doing to stop the crime in our neighborhood.


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