Mangano: 8 Police Precincts to Merge Into 4; Plainview Area Affected

2nd Precinct remains, but 8th to become "community policing center;" All 177 patrol cars will remain in current neighborhoods.

Claiming it will save money and not diminish police protection, announced Monday that the county's eight police precincts will merge into four.

Four precincts, including which covers Plainview north of Old Country Road, will remain intact. Four others, including , which covers south of Old Country Road, will be transformed into new community policing centers, Mangano said. The Second Precinct's coverage area will actually be extended south of Old Country Road, well into Massapequa.

"Keeping residents safe is my number-one priority," Mangano said. "This plan keeps all 177 patrols cars in their current neighborhoods, assigns more cops to POP and opens four new community policing centers throughout the county while increasing efficiencies."

According to a release from the county, the Second Precinct in Woodbury, Third Precinct in Williston Park, Fourth Precinct in Hewlett and Seventh Precinct in Seaford will continue to operate as regular precincts.

The First Precinct in Baldwin, Fifth Precinct in Elmont, Sixth Precinct in Manhasset and Eighth Precinct in Levittown will become community policing centers.

Mangano's proposal was immediately met with derision.

James Carver, President of the Nassau PBA, told 1010 WINS he is going to fight the plan.

"We currently have eight police precincts and they're trying to tell everybody that having four police precincts is a better way to police Nassau County, well they're dead wrong on this," Carver said.

“It’s a brand-new concept and I’ve not had a chance to digest it or study it financially, but I have serious doubts that it will save $20 million,” said Nassau , D-Woodbury. "There are a lot of answers I need."

Jacobs said this was a “terrible” time to alter police procedures when the Plainview and Syosset areas were filled with concerns about rising crime and burglaries. While not doubting that some precincts have heavier caseloads than others, there are other factors to consider, she said.

"And he said some of these are going to remain as 'police community centers.' she said. “I have no idea what that phrase means."

Mangano plan eliminates more than 100 desk jobs and slashes "costly" built-in overtime benefits, said Mangano at a press conference, flanked by Police Commissioner Thomas Dale. A total of 48 police officers will be reassigned from desk jobs to Problem Oriented Police (POP) positions.

While the number of precincts and desk jobs will shrink, Mangano said the number of patrol cars will remain the same.

The plan, which could take six months to implement, corrects a "workload imbalance," Mangano claimed. He said three police precincts presently perform twice the workload of the remaining five precincts.

"This plan saves taxpayers significant dollars while streamlining duplicative work, redistributing workload and assigning more officers to POP and special patrol," Dale said. "... Residents should know that response time will not be impacted as police officers will remain in their current neighborhoods and additional officers will be assigned to our neighborhoods."

Patch will update this breaking story as it develops. If you want to react to this story, reach out to us in the comment section.

Marilyn January 31, 2012 at 12:22 AM
So, what is a Community Policing Center...inquiring minds want to know?????
Joe Dowd (Editor) January 31, 2012 at 04:20 AM
Marilyn: Good question. Mr. Mangano did not explain in any detail how they would operate or what function they may serve. The announcement was preliminary, however, and county officials promised to provide more details this week. Meanwhile, Nassau Democrats are asking the same question and will have a response to the plan. Patch will keep everyone posted.
Paulie B January 31, 2012 at 04:26 AM
It doesnt matter how Ed spins it, you will be alot less safe in your home if this happens.
Simba January 31, 2012 at 10:07 AM
This is not the formula NYPD used to lower crime in NYC and they had a larger task to accomplish. If Mangano is serious about lowering crime he would follow what NYPD did. And one way was to attack known areas of criminal activity with the goal of eliminating it. All he is concerned about is overtime costs. To the average resident we would rather pay Police officers that actually do their job vs School Superintendents that get paid way over their value. So if Mangano wants to really save money, how about restructuring the school district, how about cutting the immense fat.
Mary McKab January 31, 2012 at 03:57 PM
This is such a horrible idea. The 8th precinct is so much busier than the 2nd and now that they are being combined into one, the border cars, the ones in Plainview are now going to be going into the 8th to cover their calls and now our area isn't going to be covered. I really can't believe that the higher ups in the Police Department think this is a good idea. The best way to save money in the PD is to get rid of the cops with more than 20 years on who are making the most amount of money and hire new guys at lower salaries. I really hope this doesn't pass. I like my police department the way it is. I've never had a problem and when I need them they come and handle the job with the utmost amount of professionalism. Want to cut the fat, it's like Simba said, do something about the School District. I pay over $14,000 in taxes. Less than $2000 goes to the county, the rest to the schools. W
Massa January 31, 2012 at 05:52 PM
It is going to work out better for everyone. Nassau cops don't have rollcalls at thier precincts, they hardly ever see a supervisor and they turn out at police booths,fire houses,hospital and LIRR parking lots.It is a joke that they don't go to their precincts at least before thier tour starts for rollcalls and get information as to what has happen in thier sector during the last tours. The new commisinor is a Ex NYPD chief with over 40 years experience and a local guy. I am tired of hearing about Nassau PBA president Carver crying about what is happening in Nassau, we are the ones paying high taxes for a police Department that dosn't deserve the pay they get. Just look around and see how many Nassau patrol cars are hanging around sitting in parking lots and parked in firehouses. I want more cops on the streets and less sitting behind desks, and doing nothing.With 4 precincts we will have more cops on the streets and working harder to make our community safe.
Marilyn January 31, 2012 at 07:20 PM
And we still don't know what a Community Policing Center is... I want to be safe in my home & not have to worry that I will be knocked down & robbed in the Morton Village Shopping Center!
ROBERT January 31, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Mangano's decision to close four Nassau County Police Precinct's is another bad decision from this administration. Each precinct covers a few towns currently , these precincts have Commanding Officers that see over the problems of these areas. There are many things that go on in the precincts that the public does not see, from managing crime stat's and putting into place solutions to combat these crimes ,setting up for large events were police are needed and dealing with smaller issues within the communities . Mangano is now going to put the work load of two precincts into one . So now a Commanding Officer who was in charge of 3 to 5 towns is going to be in charge of 6 to 10 towns. Less staff and less precincts equals less attention from the Police Department to the communities they cover. Ed Mangano is ruining this county. His past ideas have all failed and he's focused on putting the counties problems on the backs of the workers. Do you think Ed Mangano would eliminate a few legislative positions and have the remaining legislator's cover more towns? That would save the county money! When it comes to policing if you remove precinct's and their staff you put the public's safety in jeopardy . The residents should stop Ed Mangano from going ahead with his plan one that will effect the quality of life in Nassau County.
ROBERT January 31, 2012 at 11:10 PM
The Unions have given more than their share and the Unions are still willing to sit down with the County Executive to help with savings, even with contracts that are good til 2015. But Ed Mangano refuses to be reasonable with the Unions. You can't keep coming back to them each time the County finds its self in trouble. Don't be fooled by his increase in pop officers. Here's some facts, Ed Mangano has cut special patrols there are no more Police officers assigned to DWI patrols , no mall patrol cars , no enforcement cars to each precinct (which take care of pct conditions such as stolen rims and tires) narcotics burea is down to a few officers for the whole county . With prescription drug abuse running rapid . The 8 pcts are there for a reason and they too are down in staff. Don't be surprised if you call your local pct which won't be so local after this restructuring and you don't get the service your used to. Putting the work load of two pcts into one means quality of life issues will go to the waste side. Closing the pcts is not the answer. I wonder how many New York City Police Pcts were closed when the new Commissioner Dale was in the City. I can tell you NONE.
Marilyn February 01, 2012 at 03:55 AM
I got my answer on the Community Policing Center from a Newsday article. Here is the direct quote: "Four of Nassau's eight precincts would become "community policing centers," each staffed round the clock by two officers. The centers would not handle criminal processing or administrative paperwork, although residents could pick up accident reports and gather in community meeting rooms." I don't see how this is going to keep the residents of Nassau County safe...
Mary McKab February 02, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Marilyn, they also won't be filing police reports, so if you live in the southern part of the 8th Precinct, you'll have to drive to Woodbury to do that, then wait in line. So, what are most people going to do? Because they're not going to want to drive an hour (or more depending on the traffic and time of day), they're going to just call 911. Now, that will take a car out of service for at least an hour, causing another sector car to cover that officer's post and then another to cover that officer's post and so on and so on. THIS WILL CAUSE DELAYED RESPONSE TIMES!! I don't care how Mangano says it, it will decrease public safety.
Simba February 02, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Mangano needs to clarify how this will assist the NCPD in reducing the growing crime rate. That is the sole requirement for NCPD. If the Mangano plan does not have this as priority number one, than we are not getting what we are paying for. So if I'm not getting what I'm paying for, then I better pay less. I've had enough of paying PREMIUM and getting REGULAR. Nassau County has always promoted itself as providing the best in suburban life in New York. Now this only means if you live in the Gold Coast communities. Yes the same ones that send their kids to private schools, have their own police force. While the rest of us are paying through the nose, we are not getting value for it.
Joe Dowd (Editor) February 02, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Simba: Well said. If you live in Muttontown, where they have their own police force visible along Route 106 at every intersection, you might feel safe from a home invasion. I'm seeking more specifics on this proposal. I'm also asking police officers to weigh in on this discussion. You have the best understand of what this will mean.
Marilyn February 03, 2012 at 12:28 AM
So, now that there were two serious crimes in Bethpage yesterday afternoon, both covered by the 8th precinct, can you imagine how long it would have taken officers from the 2nd precinct to come to these victims aid? Joe, even the areas where they have their own police force are not immune to home invasion. Something has to be done to stop Mangano's plan. Perhaps he should be "impeached" as his position as Nassau County Executive!
leapinglaughter February 03, 2012 at 12:34 AM
"Community Policing Center" ... what the heck happens there? Do we sit down and have coffee and donuts with the cops? And how does THAT help the cops keep us safer???
Bob Breeze February 20, 2012 at 08:46 PM
We the people are not getting all the facts regarding the downsizing of the Police Department. If you have been following the last 2 legislature public hearings, you would have heard the new acting (very true!) police commissioner, deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner tell us their plan (MANGANO!). They are saying that all 177 police cars will remain in their existing locations. But, what they are not telling us will these police cars have a police officer in them all the time. We need to get all the facts now before the legislature is scheduled to vote on the 27th. Will this plan divert police officers from lower crime areas to those with higher crime areas like NYC.....WE NEED TO KNOW ALL THE FACTS NOW!
Paulie B February 20, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Joe, now that theiris an NYPD guy in charge you wont find many police officers willing to talk, especially if they have prior NYPD experience. The NYPD is now run like Hitler ran the SS, they have daily activity reports wanting to know every step of every day and god forbid you question anything or (gasp) wear a logo supporting your precinct you will be dealt with harshly. The supervisors are berated and treated like garbage at Compstat and they wonder why the suicide rate is going up there. Nothing good can come of closing 4 precincts or having an NYPD supervisor and a few of his lackies hired at an exorbitant salary while everyone else in the county is frozen. Look at the NICE bus disaster already to see what will happen with the police department.


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