Plainview, Hicksville Fire Departments Team Up at Gas Leak

Danger averted by quick action and team work at Round Swamp Road Mobil

Firefighters from Plainview and Hicksville combined their talents to secure a gas leak at a Mobil station on Round Swamp Road, firefighters said.

The potentially serious incident took place late Wednesday when responded to several calls for a car leaking gas at the Mobil station. Upon arrival, firefighters found about five gallons of gasoline already on the ground and car's tank actively leaking.

Firefighters applied speedy dry and dyked off the area. The car had a full tank capable of holding 18 gallons.

The Hicksville Fire Department's Hazardous-Materials unit was special called to the scene. The haz-mat techs jacked up the car and safely removed the remaining gasoline without incident. The operation took about an hour to complete.

No injuries were reported.


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