Port Jeff Constables Presence Increases at LIRR

Code officers instructed to meet trains and walk platforms.

Commuters may have noticed a change at the in Port Jefferson. For the last two months, village constables have been meeting trains as they come into the station and walking the platform to help bolster the security in the area.

“We try to meet every train," said Constable Chief Wally Tomaszewski. "It makes it a little safer.”

He said that during the daytime there isn't much of an issue but at nighttime the code officers sometimes deal with shooing the homeless out of the area and the occasional drunk.

Tomaszewski said that the commuters have thanked his staff for the extra security effort.

“They love it," he said. "Especially the village residents who use the train.”

The new initiative has been going on for about a month and a half, ever since the village received complaints from people who were being bothered by vagrants and drunks around the train station.

Tomaszewski said that code officers order people who do not belong at the train station to leave.

"If they fail to do so we give them appearance tickets that comes with up to a $500 fine," he said. "If they get to court and they don’t pay then a warrant is issued for their arrest."

He said that officers have given out a few tickets, mostly for public urination and open alcohol but the biggest deterrent is the code officer himself. Most will leave the station on their own when they see the constables coming.

“They pretty much know when they see a uniformed officer,” he said.

Have you noticed the extra code enforcement at the train station? Do you think it's helping?

Mels Ditties February 20, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Can anyone please explain WHY these constables can drive thru upper Port multiple times a day/night to meet these trains, but do nothing to police the uptown area?...If, as stated in the article, " Most will leave the station on their own when they see the constables coming." why not have them have a presence on the uptown streets?.... The town is happy enough to collect the taxes from these property owners, how's about treating uptown as it were as important as downtown?....
BillLongisland February 20, 2012 at 03:35 PM
It is my understanding, that the Village Constables are former police officers, whose main qualifications is that already have a license to carry a gun. If they do have any actual "police action", they just slough them off to the appropriate law enforcement entity... be it LIRR Police, Suffolk County Police, etc. Most of these people that hang out in Upper Port do get "scared off" by any police presence...the Hope House "residents" are, most likely, "schooled" as to what they can or can't get arrested for so you see, it's basically A Game. And the Tax Payers are the Losers !
Mels Ditties February 20, 2012 at 03:48 PM
BIL...Many of the constables do carry guns...and many are former police officers...Although there is a concern for the safety of those who do not carry sidearms (eg. constables...no real concern for the safety of the residents/biz owners...just the constables) why can't we have the armed officers patrol upper port?...WHY can't they drive around...how about getting out of their cars and walking a beat? (they actually DID do that a couple of years back and it was effective at keeping the peace and the degenerates away)....WHY despite numerous pleas for help is upper port being totally ignored?... Quite a few years back (probably over 4 years) there was a shop owner (who has since closed and actually left the state) who predicted that the Big Plan was to let upper port rot...Rot to the point where it would become easy for the town to utilize eminent domain and rip it all down and rebuild to their specs....At the time, we all thought he had lost his mind....Now, it seems to be feasible...Especially if the PTB continue to ignore all requests for assistance...
Marge McCuen March 03, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Here is an update on Pax Christi in Port Jefferson. I have spoken with Kara Hahns office several times and here is some of what I have learned. Ministries of Hope received $611,468.49 for service funding in 2011 for it's shelter program.They also received $664,339 for 2010. That is only two years for a total of$1,275,807.49. How do you like those figures? Your tax money at WORK!!!!
Americanivory March 03, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Thank you Marge for the information - now I am really sick!! They receive all this money from my taxes and then our churches take turns cooking meals for Hope House asking for donations in time and money!! How about these people learn some life skills of their own? Like planning, shopping and cooking their own meals - stop this entitlement crap for them, all they are learning is too live off the system! And for those of you that think the Hope House "boys" are contained - no they are roaming our neighborhoods - supposedly out looking for jobs!!! If they want to help these "boys" why not train them in a job - at least use my tax money to send them to BOCES, DeVry Institute , anywhere they can learn a skill and get a JOB - sending them on the street to look for a job without any skills is useless and teaches them NOTHING!!!! They need to repay the churches that are giving them handouts - how about doing the landscaping, learning basic carpentry skills and doing repair work. They need to learn to earn - not just be taught by Father Frank how to milk the system, we have enough freeloaders on the system without him providing anymore!!


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