St. James Man Says He Panicked Before Dumping Girlfriend's Body

Court documents show Matthew Krauss admitting to dumping the body after the victim, Pura Simancas, overdosed.

Matthew Krauss, a St. James man arrested Friday for , told authorities he "panicked" when he discovered she had overdosed on heroin and Xanax, according to court documents published by News 12 Long Island.

The transcript:

I live in an apartment with my friend Brian Pacifico above Arthur Avenue Bar on Main Street.

I have known Pura Simancas for three years (and love her very much). She is a 45-year-old Dominican woman and girlfriend.

I was with Pura in Smithtown. Pura and I took the 5:45 bus from Smithtown to Central Islip. Got off at Hawthorne and Suffolk avenues. We walked to CVS nearby and I filled my prescription from Dr. Agho for 120 1mg Xanax pills. Afterwards we met my friend John Leonord, Shane McAdams and Shane's girlfriend Michelle Viteritti.

John drove in his pick up truck and picked us up at the Central Islip train station. The five of us drove to John's house in Cold Spring Harbor. After we got there, we all started using heroin that Shane had and the Xanax I had.

Pura shot heroin into her left arm two to three times. Pura also took two to three of my Xanax pills on two or three occasions in a two to three hour time period.

As Pura sat on the living room coach, Pura faded out and looked unconscious. I shook her arm and realized she was dead.

We all panicked and decided not to call 911.

John got a blanket or sheet from his house and John, Shane and myself wrapped Pura in the blanket and put her in the back of john's pickup truck.

John, Shane, Michelle and I got into his pickup truck and drove to Manorville, with Pura in the pickup bed. John drove to a wooded area. John, Shane and I carried Pura's wrapped body deep into the woods. The three of us laid her on the forest ground and covered her with leaves and branches. John carried his blanket to the truck. The three of us got into the truck and drove out of the wooded area.

John drove me to Smithtown Village and dropped me off alone.

Newsday on Saturday spoke with Pacifico, who said Simancas was trying to get off of drugs and spend more time with her children.

Read that story here.

localguy March 28, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Probably no additional charges yet because the one guy charged is singing like a canary.
Chuck March 29, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Just think what these moron , scumbag, drug addicts cost the Taxpayers of Suffolk County, especially in light of our county Financial crisis. Instead of just involving the Medical Examiner for an accidental death, we had Police (I'm sure with thousands of $ of overtime), K-9, Aviation, Crime Scene, Detectives from both the 7th Precinct and Homicide, as well as the Medical Examiner. Probably close to a Million $ wasted.
Natasha Blows April 02, 2012 at 10:52 PM
They probably got the heroin from that scumbag owner of Arthur Avenue. The guy is some low life thug himself with horrible b.o. I saw rats come out of the basement of Arthur Avenue. And the bar is filthy with roaches. Time for the authorities to close that s_it hole down.
Stephen February 10, 2013 at 07:39 PM
The kid Matt is a career criminal and drug addict...the story about him living above Arthur Ave is false...he was banned from the property....the only two places he belongs is prison or hell...He is a waste of life
CR January 17, 2014 at 07:55 PM
does anyone know the latest on this case? i went to school with this guy Matt, and I'm unfortunately not surprised by this news...tonight it just popped into my head and I havent been able to find any other info on this case online.


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