Water District, Firefighters Thank Residents for Help

Many Plainview citizens worked hard to clear paths to fire hydrants after big snow storm.

Plainview firefighters and the Plainview Water District are praising local residents who cleared the snow and ice around the community's fire hydrants. 

The recent storm left most of Plainview's hydrants encased in snow and buried up to the valves. Firefighters say it is vital even during winter storms that they can quickly perform their lifesaving work without delays. 

“As always, the accessibility of fire hydrants in an emergency is crucial,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Joel Kessler. “We really appreciate our residents who took the time to make sure hydrants were clear while shoveling out their driveways."

Board members Kessler, Andrew Bader and Edward Shulroff, and individual firefighters in messages to Patch, urged residents who have not yet cleared winter debris around their hydrants to do so and make it a priority in future snow storms.

The Board of Commissioners also ask that members of the community consider assisting elderly neighbors or friends and family who are away for the winter with clearing snow and ice from their hydrants. Taking a few minutes to clear a hydrant could make a big difference in the event of a fire.

As a reminder, fire hydrant accessibility is not only a winter problem. All year round, residents should remember to never place garbage cans and park their vehicles around a hydrant.

For more information, please contact the Plainview Water District at 516-931-6469 or log on to www.plainviewwater.org.


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