Week of July 8-14, '12: Public Safety Issues Emerge

Suddenly, a spate of fires are reported near Plainview; safe boating in spotlight after tragedy.

Issues of public safety and emergency crews racing to the scenes of house fires dominated the news last week.

Week in review:

1. Boating safety dominated the headlines following the on Oyster Bay and the subsequent , the yacht that capsized and sank at a fireworks display, killing three children. The heart-wrenching saga has raised many questions about the

2. Plainview firefighters quickly stopped an attic fire from spreading in a home on on Friday.

3. Plainview and Bethpage firefighters combined efforts to control a and in a in Bethpage.

4. occurred within hours of each other Thursday and less than half a mile apart.

5. The news was not all bad: We told you about graduation rate being , a remarkable achievement.


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