2011-2012 Budget Adopted At Massapequa Park Village Board Meeting

Taxes for residents see a three percent increase over last year.

Mayor James Altadonna and the Massapequa Park Village Board unanimously and officially approved and adopted their tentative 2011-1012 budget Monday night.

The new budget, voted upon and quickly passed with no opposition from either Board members or residents, shows an increase of property tax of three percent over the previous year's budget.

According to figures estimated by the village, this increase will approximately equate to an additional $19.69 in taxes per household, which

The Village attributes such factors as higher pension costs, health insurance, fuel, energy costs, and economic uncertainty among the reasons for the tax bump.

After the passing of the budget, it was business as usual as the regular meeting got underway.

First, the Board addressed a series of ongoing complaints regarding the parking on the east side of Park Boulevard between Jackson Avenue and Clark Boulevard. The area is a no-parking zone due to the presence of a right-turn lane, yet often motorists park there regardless of this fact.

"The parking is a little tight there," Altadonna said. "We have some striping there, but people still don't abide by it, so we have to figure out a better plan."

Village administrator Peggy Caltabiano gave a brief rundown of the parking situation and the board's proposed solution.

"It's been brought up to the board a number of times about the parking in front of the store in the turning lane," she said. "We discussed it, and the decision was to let the planning commission take a look at it."

Next, the board approved a permit application submitted by restaurant to allow them to place tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of their establishment to take advantage of the warmer weather for outdoor dining.

"They came to us last year to get a permit, and it was very successful," Altadonna said. "We had positive comments from both residents and patrons, and we're going to grant that permit again tonight."

The board also authorized the Village Treasurer to transfer $484,641 from the Capital Fund to the General Fund to reimburse the Village for what Altadonna deemed "appropriated expenses."

"A former consultant here was mistakenly paid out of the General Fund, when it should have been taken out of the Capital Fund," he said. "All he worked on were Capital projects. It's actually very good for our surplus."

The Board also approved the permit application for a new sign for the ice cream store at 1027 Park Boulevard.

The next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Massapequa Park Village Board is on Monday, May 9, at 8 p.m.

JPS April 27, 2011 at 01:22 PM
I just heard on the news this morning that Nassau county residents are paying the highest taxes in the nation (more than Westchester) and they vote to increase it 3% over last year. That makes absolutely no sense to me and I am sure many others. Besides putting more financial strain on current residents they are reducing the market value of the local homes. For example, I was considering to moving to a bigger home within the neighborhood. The price is affordable, however, the taxes are not. The only way I would consider that home is if it was a lot cheaper. It's not and the taxes do not appear to be even stabilizing so the next step would be to move out of Nassau County. What happens when you have less customers looking to purchase and item? The price goes down. Tt's a shame. It's a nice place but the local governments haven't got a clue.


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