POLL: Wang Property Proposal

Have you seen the latest proposal? What do you think of it?

There's a plan under development to build nearly 900 housing units to one of Plainview's biggest and most discused open spaces.

has scheduled a so-called "public scoping" session for Tuesday, March 13, for the proposed development of the that was once home to the

The property belongs to and is being developed by the Jericho-based Beechwood Organization, which is calling the project "Country Pointe at Plainview." The proposal, still in the early stages, is to build  a "mixed use" development on the land that would include 890 multi-family housing units, including 90 "Golden Age" units and 536 other units with age restrictions. There is also a commercial component to the plan.

Beechwood's initial plan is spelled out on their website. It includes several ponds and more than 40 acres for public use.

Take our poll and tell us what your early thoughts are on this subject that could affect Plainview's future. The site has been the subject of controversial proposals in the past. Will this one be any different?

Simba March 15, 2012 at 12:12 AM
For those who think the "affordable" units will remain that way when they don't sell better get it in writing from Wang that they won't sell for much more. Do your research and you will find this has happened in other communities in the New York area. If the reason to support this project is to create home ownership for our children, I'd rather the focus turn to creating job opportunities for them. Your kids won't live here if they don't have a job.
Simba March 15, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Also it amazes me that some would rather take the chance to have our school taxes go up especially when Mangano just announced a proposed 13% property tax increase. Folks we need to keep us away from tax increases of any kind. Otherwise they'll be a lot more than 130 homes for sale and this town will bottom out in a hurry. Just like John says, what do you think an increase of 200 more kids will do to the School District ?
JJ2526 March 21, 2012 at 02:29 PM
What over 55 couple is going to "downsize" to a 2 bedroom/den condo for $950,000, after they sell their Plainview 3 bedroom split for $450,000 (if they are lucky to get that)? The developer keeps saying "Plainview Needs This"...Everyone that I have spoken to doesn't understand what they mean when thay state that Plainview needing 800 more homes, and 60 more stores...the Town of Oyster Bay needs more S-2 units because the wait-list is several years long. We can only assume that there isn't enough profit for the developer to give Plainview & Town of Oyster Bay what they truly need, so they will just build a development that makes them the most money...please stop saying that this is what Plainview wants and needs, and just be honest about the intentions of the development.
Simba March 21, 2012 at 08:34 PM
JJ I think what is happening is they are listening to a developer who is a master salesman, tells you what you want to hear but does not back it up with fact. People hear 55 and older, but don't ask at what price. The developer has yet to give a factual response to School impact, School Tax impact, infrastructure, Cost of Affordable housing to support first time homeowners, how long he will hold the price at this level. Reminds me of "We Need Change"......great political tactic.
John Pine March 24, 2012 at 05:05 AM
How about turning it into a park? There's very few parks here in Nassau compared to neighboring Suffolk. Let Wang build on the eyesore in Uniondale instead of bulldozing open space.


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