TOBAY's 7 Beaches: What's Your Favorite? [Poll]

The town has five on the North Shore and two, including Tobay on the Atlantic: Where do you go, and what are your memories?

Growing up in Plainview, there was an ongoing debate in our house about which beach was best for us four kids to go to.

Mom and Dad prefered the relative calm and quiet of Long Island Sound, and generally carted us off in a '64 Ford Fairlane wagon to Oyster Bay's North Shore beaches in Bayville.

I never thought much of those gentle waves and rocky beaches. The view of Stamford got old quickly.

So, occassionally, I'd talk them into an ocean adventure. We'd head down the Wantagh Parkway to , more family-friendly than Jones but still with the thrill of ocean waves. For a young man, the views were preferable; Stamford was no match for these beach-blanket visions.

And I remember my Dad watching us kids as we bobbed in the surf, standing guard right at the shoreline. He was a fireman, and he knew what the undertow is suddenly capable of.

So as spring break comes to an end, and Oyster Bay has announced parking fees aren't going up, let's talk about summer and our town's beaches:

What's your favorite, and tell us your beach memories in the comments.




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