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Town Board Meets; First Time Since Tragedy

It's not clear if town board members will address any aspect of the sinking; FBI now involved in probe.

Oyster Bay's Town Board meets Tuesday for the first time since last week's sinking of a yacht that cost the lives of three children.

TODAY's 5:

1. It is not clear whether the town board or will address any aspect of the tragedy. The town has had no comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

2. Meanwhile, Nassau Police have enlisted the help of the FBI in raising the wreck to the surface. Authorities believe the 34-foot Silverton will be raised sometime this week.

3. The weather is expected to remain in the normal temperature range this week, a big change from . Thunderstorms are possible over the weekend.

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TheGreek July 10, 2012 at 11:08 PM
The town is probably "lawyered up" and circling the wagons, because their Bay Constable was on the scene and didn't do anything to prevent this tragedy. Personally, I disapprove of all “Nanny State” activities, but everyday people demonstrate the need to be protected from themselves.


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