How Will Healthier School Menus Go Over?

Beginning in September, kids are likely to notices significant changes in the school lunch menus.

New federal requirments for will result in significant changes to school lunch menus around the nation.

Experts agree that the kids, and their parents, with notice smaller portions of meat and increased portions of. Plainview, like districts around the country, are responding to the new federal demands.

The issue leaves open the question of whether the kids will eat the healthier fare being offered at lunchtime.

How do you expect it will go over in your house? Will you pack more home-made meals for your kids? Will you change their diet in advance of the school year?

Or, is the problem much bigger than the portions on the plates? Is the problem something fundamentally different about the age and place we live in?

Please tell us in the comments and help us formulate future stories.


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