New School Menu Q&A

Plainview Schools offer a Q&A on the upcoming changes to the school lunch menu.

Plainview School leaders have put together a question-and-answer sheet, detailing some of the common questions they expect to get over

The new menu is based on by the federal government over school lunch offerings across the state.

Plainview students will notice the difference right away, school district officials said. The district also put out a detailed explanation of the

Here is the complete content of their Q&A, which is also available on the district's website:

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Questions and Answers:

Q. What beverage is available for students who are lactose intolerant?

A. An alternate beverage will be provided for students who are lactose intolerant. Examples include lactose free and reduced fat lactose free milk. A written note, preferably by a doctor, is required to provide this beverage option.

Q. What type of milk is included?

A. The milk is hormone free, fat free, or 1%. All flavored milk must be fat free in accordance with the new guidelines.

Q. Are students required to take a milk, even if they will not drink it?

A. The district operates an “offer versus serve program”, which means the student may opt not to have a beverage as one of the lunch components. Therefore, students are allowed to decline milk as an option. Water will be available for consumption at drinking fountains and bottled water will be available at an additional charge.

Q. Will water be available?

A. Bottled water will only be available as a purchased a la carte item. Milk will be the only beverage included as part of the school lunch meal. Per regulation, drinking water is available in each lunchroom. This will be provided via a water fountain or bottled filling station with cups available on the lunch lines.

Q. Why are students required to have a fruit or vegetable?

A. Under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, all students who participate in the national school lunch program must take one of these components (fruit or vegetable) at lunch.

Q. Can a student purchase a second main course item only (i.e., chicken nuggets) at a reduced price?

A. This is another example of one of the changes from last year. All meals including second lunches must be set at the same price regardless of how many components are declined. Therefore, the option of a second main course item for only one dollar is no longer available.

Q. Why did certain portion sizes increase or decrease?

A. Under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, portion sizes of proteins and grains have decreased while fruits and vegetables have increased.

Q. Why is there a separate menu for Grade 5 at the Middle Schools?

A. The new guidelines provides calorie ranges based on grade levels. These grade levels are grouped as follows: K – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12.


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