Parkway Students Help Tsunami Victims

Kids collect more than $1,700 for Japanese relief efforts

Students in in the recently collected more than $1,700 for relief efforts for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

“Parents, staff and children were eager to help those people who were affected by this awful act of nature,” stated Ronelle Hershkowitz, Parkway’s principal. 

“We always try to help during these times, and the children are being taught what it is to give back to society through assistance when life is difficult,” Mrs. Hershkowitz said.

The money was presented to Mr. Tanaka, who has family in Japan. Mr. Tanaka then presented the funds to the Japanese Consulate.

Mrs. Hershkowitz said she was delighted to have received a lovely thank you note from the Japanese Consulate expressing their great appreciation. 

(With special thanks to Mrs. Hershkowitz for submitting this article)


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