Plainview-JFK's 'B-Sharps' Take Talents To MSG Varsity

Vocal ensemble will compete on cable channel's talent show for chance to become 'Talent Show Champion.'

This time of year, most high school students are studying or getting ready for spring sports, with one eye on the calendar as slowly but surely, summer vacation approaches. For one group of teens, it's time to sing ... on TV.

The B-Sharps are one of seven POBJFK vocal ensembles, and they've been selected to appear on MSG Varsity's Talent Show. It's an all male, a cappella group, meaning no music; just the sounds of song from 14 very talented students.

The show brings the best area high school vocal ensembles, soloists, and dance ensembles together to compete for the title of 'Talent Show Champion' in their category. It's in its second season, and hosted by American Idol semi-finalist Jared Cotter.

"It just makes me feel elated that we can take our group to this level, getting here definitely shows our talent and potential," JFK senior and B-Sharp tenor Chase Brown said.

Producers of the show saw Plainview groups perform on You Tube, and invited them to audition. The B-Sharps were chosen, and headed to the show's taping at SUNY Old Westbury on Monday. Their performance will air on Varsity on April 15.

Even though only one group from the school can be chosen to perform, school choir director Adam Paltrowitz says the B-Sharps will be representing all POBJFK performers when they take the stage, and the camera's turned on.

"The other groups feel the pride in Plainview and our program being recognized for [their] excellence," Paltrowitz said.

The B-Sharps were given a list of songs from which they had to select three to perform on the show. They decided on 'All I Have to Give' by the Backstreet Boys, 'You Aint Seen Nothing Yet' from Bachman Turner Overdrive, and 'Misery', by Pink with Steven Tyler.

The group found out they'd be appearing back in January, and since then, they've been rehearsing every Sunday for two hours to get the songs down pat. Normally when preparing for a concert, the B-Sharps say they have as much as five months to prepare. Now, it's crunch time.

"We pulled it off, we've done really, really well," said senior Bobby Namdar, a B-Sharp bass.

When it comes to a performance, there's more than just singing involved. Movements, appearance, choreography: nothing is left to chance as it's the viewers who will vote online for the best ensemble.

The B-Sharps will be competing against vocal groups from throughout the tri-state area, with the winning ensemble receiving a trip to a Broadway show and a workshop where they receive a crash course in performing under the bright lights of NYC. B-Sharp members are confident they will be crowned champions when all is said and done (and sang).

"I think we sound great, we look great," Namdar said. "We're very 'us', and that's all I can ask for, we'll put on the best show we can and hopefully every one sees that and appreciates it."

The B-Sharps performance will air on MSG Varsity (Cablevision channel 14) on April 15 at 8 p.m. You can cast your vote for them at www.msgvarsitytalentshow.com.


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