Rare Celestial Event Occurs Tuesday Night

Astronomers say "Transit of Venus" won't occur again in your lifetime.

The "Transit of Venus," is set to be visible Tuesday evening on Long Island when the planet long associated with love and romance makes a rare crossing of the Sun. 

The second planet of our solar system makes its "transit" when it passes between Earth and the Sun. The result is the planet appears as a silhouette, backlit by our closest star. It last happened in 2004, but it won't happen again until 2117. (See our full story here beginning at noon.)

Just recently, the big celestial story was the "Super Moon." Astronomers will keep coming up with rare new events to track.

Do you take these celestial occurances seriously? Do you pay attention or wait for the video?

Let is know what you think in our poll and weigh in on the comments.


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