Seaford Residents Reject Proposed Budget

Board of Education trustees Brian Fagan and Richard DiBlasio re-elected, referendums defeated.

Seaford residents let their voices be heard Tuesday by voting down the school district’s proposed $55.2 million budget by a vote of 1,881 to 1,448.

The proposed budget increase was 2.92 percent and would have included a tax levy hike of 8.99 percent.  The average Seaford homeowner would have seen an increase of about $600 on their tax bills under the proposal, according to district officials.

The Seaford Board of Education must now decide whether to resubmit a revised budget proposal to the voters or operate under a contingency budget. According to New York State Education Law § 2007, a budget re-vote must be held the third Tuesday in June. If the budget is defeated twice, the board must adopt a contingency or "austerity" budget, which in Seaford’s case would mean a 2.26 percent increase from the district’s current spending plan.

Under a contingency budget the average Seaford homeowner would see about a $544 increase in their tax bill, according to district officials. The last time Seaford operated on a contingency budget was the 2005-06 school year.

Following the budget defeat the board scheduled a workshop meeting for this Monday to discuss whether to propose a revised budget to the voters on June 21. 

Seaford voters also re-elected incumbent board trustees Richard DiBlasio and Brian Fagan with 2,278 and 2,157  votes, respectively. The other candidate in the at-large race, Lauren Phillips, garnered 957 votes.

Also on the ballot were two referendums, which were both rejected. One referendum, which asked permission from voters to use $596,719 in remaining funds from the bond issued in 2007 to an access road at , received 1,604  no votes and 1,366 yes votes. The other referendum, which asked voters to modify mileage limits for middle and high school students, failed with 1,819 no votes and 1,098 voting yes.

"I'm speechless," said Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy after the results were announced. 

"We've got a lot of work ahead of us," added DiBlasio. 

Check back tomorrow for detailed coverage of the budget vote.

pete June 04, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Not sure how the negotiations work with the unions you know the nuts and bolts. Please explain to me why the public always gets the short end of the stick. What do the unions have over the tax payer that the unions always get what they want. The board members who get to vote for the contract how many of them have a family member who is an employee of a school and/or part of a union? I would like to know when I’m listening to these board member talk which ones are talking out of the side of their mouths. Brian W. Fagan, President Richard G. DiBlasio, Vice President John DelGiudice, Trustee Bruce Kahn, Trustee Michael D. Sapraicone, Trustee The meeting before the school budget vote what board member said that outrageous statement to the elderly man; “The reason you keep seeing all the for-sale signs on peoples front lawns is not because the high taxes it’s because old people who own home keep dying”. I was shocked when he said that.
Karen Cummings June 04, 2011 at 01:10 PM
Pete, contract negotiations goes like this. In the past the union (of which ever contract is being discussed, teachers, secretary, custodians, ect) meets with the school attorney and the Sup. of Business., in the past the boe has sent them in for first time with the areas that the boe would like negotiated ex. health insurance. The attorney can be any attorney from the firm we use it does not have to be the one who comes to BOE meetings, the boe can request a perticular one from the firm if they feel that would be better for the negotiations. Then the attorney and Sup of Business go back to the boe with the groups wants and what they will give back so to speak if anything. The boe then sends these two back with the okay for this , no for that, do better with this ect. If can be a short amount of time or it can go on forever. Also, the past sup of business was hard to negotiate with; is what I heard from one of the unions... Can't say if the new sup of business is the same or a push over. But the Boe has the final say. Although, a person can only be as effective as the information they are receiving. hope that helps. Also that sunday meeting, rumor has it that a teacher fan had just lost the election for boe, so the 3 that were teacher fans wanted to get the contract through before the new elected boe members were on.
pete June 04, 2011 at 01:25 PM
"Also that sunday meeting, rumor has it that a teacher fan had just lost the election for boe, so the 3 that were teacher fans wanted to get the contract through before the new elected boe members were on." Is that BOE member have a family member who is a teacher. What happens if the BOE played hardball and gave nothing the the teachers union, could the teachers go on strike?
Karen Cummings June 04, 2011 at 02:01 PM
He won the election so he would have been on new boe anyway, but the other one lost, The teachers work with out a contract, so to speak. I think the expired contract may stay in place until a re negotiation is done, but NOT QUITE SURE ON THAT. It happened once before that I know of. They wear the black no contract shirts, they picket in front of the schools, when the parents go to concerts, ect. My kids were elementry then, no class partys for holidays, no pictures on the walls, no field trips. They even picketed in front of BOE members houses. I guess it comes down to who is tougher the BOE or the teachers union, and can the parents handle it.
Lorraine DeVita June 04, 2011 at 02:05 PM
NO they can not go on strike. They can and HAVE in the past done some pretty tastless things to show their anger. However they and the district will have to abide by the current or expired contract in place until a new contract is negotiated. Which for the teachers wouldnt be such a BAD thing becasue retribution is a bitch and they know it. Better the current contract than the one they KNOW is coming down the turnpike. SO dont look to see any swift movement in 2013. As to WHICH board member has a Teacher spouse that would be Mr Delguidice. You all know my feelings on that matter and his ethics. The Current issue at hand is now the REVOTE . LETS be clear here NO significant moves were made by the Board to make this NEW budget less painful. We are still going to see increases over $500 + and they literally RAPED Special ED (you know those the children of the district no one seems to care about except their parents) , lost a few teachers, middle school sports are eliminated for two seasons but KEPT Band CAMP! Shows you once again where the collective heads of the Administration are! And everyone save for Conboy and Strifilino are happily spending their negotiated increases and raises and giving us the collective bargaining finger. Because in UTS's mind THEY DESERVE IT more then community and the students. And be prepared to hear ad nauseum how albany and the economy is to blame not the wonderful caring , underappreciated and in their mind STILL under paid UTS.


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