Tax Levy Increases: How Do Local School Districts Compare With Others?

Which nearby school districts are and aren't piercing the tax cap.

and School Districts were not alone this year in making some tough budget-related decisions. And come budget vote time on May 15, Comsewogue won't be alone in its quest to by going above the state's cap on tax levy increases.

In this area of Suffolk County it seems districts are split between staying at or below the tax cap and going above it. Here is a look at where local school districts stand in comparison to other school districts in Suffolk County

District Enrollment* Adopted Budget Tax Levy Increase +/- District Cap Mt. Sinai 2,800 $55,364,115 4.78% Above cap Comsewogue 3,890 $79,114,408 4.50% Above cap Three Village 7,378 $178.6 million 4.48% Above cap Middle Country 11,000 $218,150,026 4.37% Above cap Sachem 14,668 $291.4 million 4.20% Above cap 3,523 $71,574,012 3.20% Above cap 4,000 $98.6 million 2.90% Under cap 3,024 $64,954,995 2.61% At cap 7,509 $171 million 2.60% Under cap 3,923 $80,832,817 2.49% Under cap 10,810 $215.3 million 2.23% Under cap Port Jefferson 1,217 $38,076,500 2.00% Under cap 2,678 $62.7 million 1.75% Under cap

*Based on 2010-2011 data from New York State Report Cards.

Chuck April 24, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Interesting data, and at some level as a Port Jefferson resident a little disturbing. Looking at our neighboring districts, specifically those with similiar enrollments (Mt. Sinai, Miller Place, Rocky Point, Comsewogue, Shoreham-Wading River) the cost per student is around $20,000.00. Port Jefferson's cost is approx. $31,000.00 . Granted all those other districts have 2 or 3 times as many students, and obviously there economies of scale, But $11,000.00 worth????


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