Temple Beth Elohim Offers New Ed. Program

"Time Glass" program offers religious school options for busy parents.

A unique learning experience is coming to of Old Bethpage this coming September.  With the Time Glass program, parents no longer have to worry about the challenges of over scheduling their children, balancing activities and finding family time.  

In addition to their traditional two day a week Religious School Program, Temple Beth Elohim is presenting families with an alternative method for learning and choosing a program that fits their family's lifestyle. 

The Time Glass program, a unique, creative and innovative program, eliminates a second day of learning by combining a curriculum of Hebrew, Judaica, ethics, values, and B’nai Mitzvah preparation into one classroom learning session each week plus one-on-one (teacher-student) instruction via the internet. 

Temple Beth Elohim recognizes the time burdens families incur as they take on an ever increasing inventory of commitments.  The abundance of extracurricular activities that families try to balance often conflicts with their ability to provide a solid Jewish education for their children. 

Supplemental Religious School education is a choice, and Temple Beth Elohim developed the Time Glass program in response to these demands where we can help make the choice easier for families. 

Temple Beth Elohim Director of Education, believes it is not about quantity of education, rather it is the quality of education that is vital in providing our students with the tools they need to become active participants in the Jewish community.

Our children’s world is now consumed with technology that influences their daily lives.  The Time Glass program offers families two incentives to learn: reduced classroom time and a custom designed weekly Skype session with their teacher, scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

A student can master the Hebrew language more efficiently through private instruction.  Introducing technology as an alternative to a second day of class time is a wonderful way to engage a child and is a great tool to motivate today’s generation of computer-savvy learners.

“Paving the Way of the Future” – The Time Glass program is designed to meet the needs of both parents and children and maintain the high standards of Jewish education.  By joining forces with technology, with a click of a computer button, a student is face to face with their teacher.  The result will lead to individual success without time pressures.

Temple Beth Elohim is moving forward and leaders there ask "are you ready to join us?"

 (With special thanks to Temple Beth Elohim's Debbie Baer)


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