PHOTOS: Wizardry on the Hardcourt

The Harlem Wizards brought laughter and raised money at an event last week sponsored by the PTA

It appears clear from the photos that Plainview Hawk fouled King Arthur.

But the question remains: How blatant a foul? The cheery Cepeda was, as always, a good sport, but King Arthur was "floored" when the trustee reached-in as he attempted to allude Cepeda's tough defense.

As Arthur lay prone and lifeless on the court of the gymnasium, his Harlem Wizard teammates made life "uncomfortable" for Cepeda, to say the least.

Of course, it was all in good fun and for a good cause. Hundreds saw the Harlem Wizards perform their basketball magic at the Middle School Thursday.

Check out these wonderful photos by Plainview's Cindy Mertz of the game, a PTA benefit for educational programs at Plainview schools.


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