Yom Hashoah Event Tells Gripping Holocaust Story

TODAY's 5: PJC hosts speaker who worked for the Polish Resistance, then survived a Nazi death camp.

The Plainview Jewish Center is the setting for a Wednesday night at 7, where a world-renowned author and photographer will tell his gripping tale of espionage and survival.

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On Wednesday:

1. The 's is Bernard Gotfryd who, while working for the Polish resistance, acquired photos of Nazi attrocities and delivered them to the freedom fighters. He was captured and sent to a death camp. He tells his story tonight at 7.

2. Last night, we posted our story of the funeral service forthe freshman who died Sunday. The story of his life was told by classmates and teachers. It is a

3. There's a for parents tonight at the high school.

4. Both the and the meet tonight at their respective schools. Both meetings are at 7:30 p.m.

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