Last-Minute Plainview Gift Ideas; Best Stuff is Free

Time is running out. Here are some practical ideas for giving at Christmas that can be done without a trip outside Plainview.

Your mind is spinning. It's all too much. You're out of time.

We know. Here's an idea. One trip to solve your last-minute gift problems. We'll cover both sides of Plainview:


The toughest part of this trip will be parking. Go around back. There's usually something there.

Start at . Owner is fond of saying that "if we don't have it, you don't need it." You won't believe the variety contained in four aisles of this Plainview landmark. Guys love stuff from here, even if they already have similar stuff, and there are plenty of things for the modern woman.

Go next door to . You'll find amazing one-of-a-kind gifts. From lamps to menorahs, from trinkets to trophies, many of these are hand-made and the kind of gift that's not on someone's list. The element of surprise.

Stop in at . Wine works nicely for a neighbor or a friend, a gift to bring to a party. An easy choice this time of year is Beaujolais Nouveau. This Gamay wine was meant to drink fresh and comes out each November to be consumed at the end of the harvest. Reasonable (around $10.) and always interesting even when the year is lousy.

Lock the stuff in the trunk. grab lunch at the . Or better yet, have a bagel everything with the works at , the other side of Trio. While there, wish a total stranger "Happy Holidays." Cost: Free.

One stop, easily a dozen gift possibilities in one place. You can also go across town:


Parking will be tough, but not impossible. If you're lucky.

Start at . Have a coffee; you'll need it (maybe even a doppio.) They have great gift boxes of coffee assortments, regular mugs, travel mugs, and larger packages of their various blends. $15-$30 or so.

The Christmas blend is terrific and timely. Buy one for a total stranger and wish them peace on earth. Cost: Free.

You charge out, buzzed by caffeine, into . Pick up some gift cards. Kids love them in stockings. Itunes is always safe. But maybe one to their favorite restaurant or a book store. They usually start between $15 and $25. Wish the clerk "Health and Happiness at the Holidays." Lots of pharmacies are open Sunday.

In between the drug store and Starbucks is a little place called Head down the stairs and find a world of musical options. Has someone in your life always wanted to play guitar or keyboards? This is your chance to make a dream come true. Starter instruments are reasonably priced and The staff is helpful and understanding to amateur musicians.

At the other end of the plaza, hit the bakery, ironically called: Wonderful cookie selection and pastries that can work for Christmas gatherings and neighbors.

Now, you've got coffee, cookies, gift cards and a guitar. Lock them in the car. Get another double expresso. You should be done buying stuff by now.

One last thing. It's free.

Do something for someone else: Visit an Stop in and say hello to a Thank a over your home and family. Reach out to someone of a .

Or simply take a little time to you've had conflict with. It will cost you nothing.can .


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