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Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP is a speech/language pathologist and director of All Island Speech Therapy (www.allislandspeech.com).  She grew up and resides in Plainview, NY.  Lori treats children and adults with various disorders such as:  stuttering, cluttering, oral motor disorders, articulation, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, and tongue thrusts.  Lori overcame a severe stuttering disorder to help others communicate effectively. She is a Town of Oyster Bay Recipient chosen for her contribution to her field and a Woman's Fortune 52 winner from the LI Press. Lori has been featured in Newsday and on Verizon 1.  She also has been published in professional magazines and is the recipient of numerous continuing education awards.  She has spoken extensively on the field of stuttering and speech/language disorders. 
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